August 12, 2022

Obama’s national climate embarrassment

The United States 2014 “National Climate Assessment” is out and it is a blemish on the honor of science.

It appears President Obama is trying to pivot national attention to global warming to distract the public from Obamacare, his rickety foreign policy and other controversial failures.

This shoddy unscientific report pretends that facts, data and history don’t exist, and goes all in on a pure global warming scare fantasy.

This is serious. 

Obama’s EPA and the rest of the bureaucracy are under executive order to bypass Congress and make war on America’s energy supply. 

John Kerry’s State Department is working to bring the U.S. under the United Nation’s climate regime at next year’s Paris climate summit.

CFACT’s Marc Morano summed it up powerfully in a just-released statement.  You should take a look.

This all out global warming push by the Obama administration places American freedom, independence and prosperity all in jeopardy.

The media needs to fact check this bogus report and end blind support of the global warming campaign.

They should ask the inconvenient questions. 

What does data show to be the best estimate of actual global temperature?  How does measured temperature compare to computer model predictions?  How does today’s weather compare to historical weather?

Fact checking does not mean quoting some global warming researcher.  It means rolling up your sleeves, delving into the real-world data, and comparing what warming advocates say to reality.

The media needs to do its job. 

For nature and people too,

Craig Rucker
Executive Director