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We hear frequently that people are attracted to the United States looking to live in a Democracy. If so, they should look elsewhere. Our founders considered a plethora of possibilities for the governance of the newly formed country, including monarchy. Their goal of preserving individual freedoms took them away from a kingdom as well as […]

National Association of State Boards of Education Sues OK Over Common Core Repeal

The Common Core is not simply a set of educational standards. With the initiative came an affirmation of the power of state boards of education, blessed by the U.S. Education Department, just as that of local school boards was diminished. In Oklahoma, where Gov. Mary Fallin (R), recently repealed the controversial nationalized standards, petitioners organized […]

Kidnapped Israeli Teens Found Dead, Israeli Cabinet in Emergency Meeting

  The Israeli government has confirmed reports initially surfacing at the Associated Press and the New York Times that the bodies of three Israeli teenagers reported missing earlier this month have been found. The Israeli cabinet is conducting an emergency meeting on the matter. Officials are confident that they have found the bodies of Naftali Frenkel, Gilad Shaar, […]

50 Years Of Growing Federal Intervention In Public Education Explained In One Simple Picture

  As the debate rages across the country over Common Core , the question of how much involvement the federal government should have – if any – in determining what America’s public school students are taught and how they are taught it is once again front and center. This picture sums up the government’s growing involvement […]

Sneak Peek: Megyn Kelly Asks Former Terrorist And Obama ‘Acquaintance’ Bill Ayers the Hard Questions

Fox News host Megyn Kelly sat down last week with Weather Underground co-founder Bill Ayers for an extensive interview. Ayres is known not only for his 1970′s-era involvement in bombing federal buildings in Washington, D.C., but for his relationship with Barack Obama as well. The full interview will air on The Kelly File Monday evening, but […]

ISIS Has Declared An Islamist Caliphate So Expect Mass Crucifixions

This just came in via Wall Street Journal: BAGHDAD—The Sunni Islamist militant group whose three-week blitz through northern Iraq has nearly upended the country’s fragile unity announced itself as a new Islamist “caliphate” on Sunday, unilaterally declaring statehood and demanding allegiance from other Islamist groups. The announcement, recited in Arabic on the first day of […]

BREAKING: Major Defeat for Obamacare at the Supreme Court!

In a stunning upset to President Barack Obama, the Supreme Court rejected the argument that employers must be forced to pay for contraceptives, regardless of religious and moral beliefs: The Supreme Court says corporations can hold religious objections that allow them to opt out of the new health law requirement that they cover contraceptives for […]

Military Bans Bibles But Forces Soldiers to Adhere to Ramadan Rules

It’s an Obama world. The US Air Force kicked Christian Gideon’s volunteers off base in March. The Bibles were too offensive and violated the separation of church and state rule. But US military personnel are expected to adhere Islamic practices during Ramadan. U.S. personnel accustomed to drinking their coffee on the drive to work will […]

Looking Back at Iraq

Army Third Division soldiers advance on Baghdad, April 2003 (Getty Images) So who lost Iraq? The blame game mostly fingers incompetent Iraqi prime minister Nouri al-Maliki. Or is Barack Obama culpable for pulling out all American troops monitoring the success of the 2007–08 surge? Some still blame George W. Bush for going into Iraq in […]

Students Not Happy About ‘Dead Broke’ Hillary Clinton Being Paid $225K to Address Them

Hillary Clinton’s fabulous book tour / campaign launch / charm offensive continues, as students at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas react to learning that this selfless Woman of the People – who recently claimed she isn’t rich enough to be considered “truly well-off” – is getting paid a cool $225,000 to speak at the UNLV […]

Newspaper: ‘We Were Wrong’ To Endorse Obama

The Billings Gazette, a Montana newspaper that endorsed Barack Obama over John McCain in 2008, admitted Friday that it was wrong. It appears that the unraveling of Iraq is the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back. Obama, the paper said, is even worse than George W. Bush: “[W]e were wrong. We said things couldn’t get […]

Ralph Peters to Megyn Kelly: “The White House is LYING! The President is a COWARD!” [WATCH]

President Obama abandoned Iraq for political reasons, choosing instead to honor his own campaign promise than the sacrifice of thousands of Americans and Iraqis that died trying to bring stability to the country. Now Iraq is a complete mess, as radical Islamic jihadists, that were armed by Obama, are taking over the country, led by […]

Islamist Militants Rule ’95 Percent’ of Heights Overlooking Northern Israel

Radical Islamist militants now rule the vast majority of territory on the Syrian side of the Golan Heights, an Israeli military commander says, placing them in strategic position to threaten northern Israeli communities. Col. Anan Abbas, deputy commander of the Israel Defense Forces’ Golan Brigade told Israel’s Channel 10 News that 95 percent of the […]


We must do all we can to stop Common Core in the Catholic schools. Don’t take my word for it. Do your own research. Common Core is bad for our children and we must stop it. We need to send letters to all the Florida Bishops to remove Common Core from our Catholic schools.  This […]

As Veterans Waited For Treatment, VA Hospitals Spent $420 Million On Solar Panels

If you thought the fiasco engulfing Veterans Affairs (VA) couldn’t get any worse, you were wrong. It seems that VA hospitals spent around $420 million dollars on solar panels and windmills, while veterans languished on appointment waiting lists. Some have died as a result (via Watchdog.org): Veterans Administration hospitals have spent at least $420 million […]

BREAKING: GOP Launches Movement to Abolish the IRS [PETITION]

The IRS has never had a fan club, but a movement to completely abolish the agency has never been able to build enough steam in years past. Thanks to the heinous targeting scandal cooked up by the White House and carried out through Lois Lerner, that’s about to change. Documents and emails prove that the […]

Venezuela blackout leaves commuters scrambling, silences president

CARACAS (Reuters) – A blackout cut power to much of Venezuela on Friday, snarling traffic in the capital Caracas and other major cities as authorities scrambled to restore electricity after the outage, which twice interrupted a presidential broadcast. Pedestrians streamed into the streets of Caracas as the blackout shuttered the underground metro trains and left […]

Death Spiral: Obama’s Lawlessness and America’s Future

As Obama grows in lawlessness, the public loses it’s respect for the government and it’s laws.  This loss of respect causes the people to tend to ignore the laws and the government to pass more and more restrictive laws to try to control the populous.  This, in turn, causes the public to lose even more […]

The Man Who Broke the Middle East

There’s always Tunisia. Amid the smoking ruins of the Middle East, there is that one encouraging success story. But unfortunately for the Obama narratives, the president had about as much as to do with Tunisia’s turn toward democracy as he did with the World Cup rankings. Where administration policy has had an impact, the story […]

Iraqi Christians: ‘US Must Act Now to Stop Religious Genocide’

One of the last Christian strongholds in Iraq came under attack this week, and its last remaining citizens are making a desperate plea to the United States for help. Until this week, Qaraqosh was a town where Christians from other parts of Iraq could find refuge.  But late Wednesday night, ISIS rebels started shelling Qaraqosh, provoking a […]

Shock Video: ISIS Conducting Mass Executions in Syria

The Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) has spent much of its time after gaining ground in Iraq promoting a softer, almost philanthropic image of their jihadist cause on the internet. Meanwhile, in Syria, video surfaces of the jihadists killing people and disposing of the bodies by throwing them over cliffs. A video published […]

Gallup: Americans Would Like To See A Decrease In Immigration Levels

A new Gallup poll finds that 41 percent of Americans want immigration levels to decrease than increase; just 22 percent want levels to increase. That’s nearly a two-to-one margin. If you go by party identification, 50 percent of Republicans, 43 percent of independents, and 32 percent of Democrats wish to see the flow of immigrants […]

Mexican Military Helicopter Crosses Border, Fires On US Agents

The U.S. Customs and Border Patrol confirmed that two of its agents were fired on Thursday by Mexican military helicopters that had illegally crossed the border into Arizona. Andy Adame, spokesman for the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol, issued a statement to KVOA-TV confirming the shooting and said the matter “is currently under investigation.” The […]

Report: US, UK Knew About ISIS Takeover Months in Advance

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant’s (ISIS) takeover of Iraq earlier this month took the world by storm, as the successive fall of several major cities in the Sunni-dominated northwest left Iraqis fleeing and world leaders shaken. But what if the blitz military conquest could have been prevented altogether? Kurdish intelligence reported news […]

Common Core and the EduTech abyss

The Common Core gold rush is on. Apple, Pearson, Google, Microsoft and Amplify are all cashing in on the federal standards/testing/textbook racket. But the EduTech boondoggle is no boon for students. It’s more squandered tax dollars down the public school drain. Even more worrisome: The stampede is widening a dangerous path toward invasive data mining. […]

Top Common Core Critics Stotsky, Milgram and Robbins on Fed Led Education

DALLAS, Texas–Last week, Breitbart Texas sat at the education roundtable, so to speak, with three of the most prominent voices in the fight against Fed Led Ed — Dr. Sandra Stotsky, Dr. James Milgram, and Jane Robbins, JD. The trio spoke candidly about the ups and downs of Common Core, came up with a few […]

For-profit tech corporations gain from Common Core testing

In 2002, President George W. Bush ushered in the No Child Left Behind Act that introduced standardized testing throughout elementary schools in the U.S. These teach-to-the-test policies failed miserably, forcing teachers to waste valuable classroom time preparing students for tests, leaving little time to develop students’ basic reading, math and analytical skills. NCLB also resulted […]

Breitbart on How Common Core Demonstrates Federal Overreach

Breitbart reported that for the first time, the Common Core standards are highlighting to the average American how heavily involved the federal government is in local education. A positive byproduct of having the Common Core Standards in the political spotlight is that Americans are now learning of the enormous role the federal government has had in […]

Some Random Snarks

One of the main reasons the Dems are obstructing the IRS Investigation is that many of them are actually complicit in pressuring the IRS to thwart Conservative Groups getting Tax-Exempt Status. – When is Issa going to subpoena Elijah Cummings and Dick Durbin ? – Why is Elijah Cummings still the Democrat Ranking Member of […]