December 8, 2021

Death Spiral: Obama’s Lawlessness and America’s Future

Death Spiral: Obama’s Lawlessness and America’s Future

As Obama grows in lawlessness, the public loses it’s respect for the government and it’s laws.  This loss of respect causes the people to tend to ignore the laws and the government to pass more and more restrictive laws to try to control the populous.  This, in turn, causes the public to lose even more respect and so it goes.  Unless this death spiral is reversed, the entity known as the United States will cease to exist and America will descend into tyranny or civil war.

We see it now in the growing lack of respect for President Obama.  A recent Gallup poll finds just over half of the country does not believe he will tell the truth or be trusted to keep his word.  This lack of respect and trust extends to our overseas allies.  As Ben Shapiro states in his Brietbart article, Obama has poked a proverbial stick in the eye of Israel, Afghanistan, Iraq, the rebels of Iran, and the anti Russian forces of Ukraine by refusing help when needed.  Some parts of the world never liked America but we were feared and respected.  Under Obama, America has become an object of derision and become so weakened to the point of being a paper tiger.

Several officials of the Obama administration, when pressed, could not name one country where the relationship had improved since Obama has been president.  Obama is on the verge of losing two wars that were almost won.  In Iraq the ISIS is turning Iraq into an Islamic caliphate.  In Afghanistan, the Taliban is on the ascendancy. In the Ukraine, Putin is reviving the old USSR.   All around the world, Obama’s foreign policy is a complete failure.

Now, the IRS claims they lost Lerner’s and six others’ emails for two years.  Oddly, they just happened to be the subpoenaed emails by Issa.  After many years in the computer business, that doesn’t pass the smell test.  Emails are not kept on an individual’s computer.  They are kept on a server and are backed up to a RAID: redundant array of INDEPENDENT drives.  An email server or local computer crash does not affect the RAID. Even if one of the RAID drives crash, one of the others picks up the data and continues the functionality of the defective drive.  The chances of all of the drives crashing is infinitesimal in the extreme.  This is the equivalent to a third grader telling his teacher, “The dog ate my homework.”  All emails in government, by law, must be backed up and a hard copy kept.  Now, it has come to light that a company was hired by the IRS to archive its servers. Unfortunately, the company had its contract terminated after Lerner’s hard drive crashed.

The list of excuses goes so far the end is not in sight.  No one in this administration has the intestinal fortitude to give a straight answer.  If one of Obama’s minions was asked if the sun was coming up in the east, they would equivocate, dither, hem and haw but never give a straight answer.  To top it all off, the answer, if there was one, would be delivered with an arrogant smirk because they know that Obama, Holder, et al will never hold them accountable.  The Obama administration makes Teapot Dome look like a lemonade stand.  Is it any wonder people are losing respect and trust for this administration?