August 9, 2022

Media Matters’ David Brock, Soros Funding Benghazi ‘Truth Squad’

Media Matters' David Brock, Soros Funding Benghazi 'Truth Squad'

Former Clinton White House Counsel Lanny Davis will be heading up a Benghazi “Truth Squad” during hearings of the select committee headed up by Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC).

Davis appeared on my morning drive radio show “Mornings on the Mall” Thursday on WMAL in Washington, DC. My co-host, Brian Wilson, asked Davis who was funding his effort and Davis revealed it was a group called “Correct the Record.” Davis wouldn’t say anymore about the group other than they received a lot of “grassroots” donations.

A simple, thirty-second Internet investigation shows that Correct the Record is funded by a group called “American Bridge 21st Century PAC.

And who is American Bridge 21st Century PAC? describes them like this:

David Brock, the man who has made a living by monitoring every syllable uttered by talk radio hosts. The man who uses bullying and intimidation tactics to try to silence any views or opinions he personally finds objectionable. The man who once vowed to “fight a guerrilla warfare and sabotage” campaign against Fox News is coordinating the Lanny Davis led Benghazi “Truth Squad.”

FactCheck also explains how the Benghazi “Truth Squad” is going to be paying their bills:

As a super PAC, American Bridge can accept unlimited donations and is largely funded by major Democratic donors and labor unions. Billionaire hedge fund manager George Soros, a well-known supporter of liberal causes, is the group’s largest donor. Soros has contributed $1 million to the group as of June 30. The American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees has contributed a total of $575,000.

Apparently, billionaire George Soros qualifies as “grassroots funding” for a DC hotshot like Lanny Davis, but the Soros involvement in the “fact-check” effort might make most Americans think twice about taking this effort seriously.

We’ll see if media outlets properly contextualize the multiple media appearances Davis and his “Truth Squad” will be conducting as the select committee does their business. If they don’t properly identify Davis as working for the “Soros-funded, David Brock-led, hyper-partisan Super PAC American Bridge 21st Century PAC,” they’re not telling you the whole truth.