August 20, 2022


Many parents understand that the government school doesn’t provide the classical education but rather a progressive, secular world view that is anti-Christian, anti-family, and anti-American.

Unfortunately, nationwide, the wating list of parents eager to remove their children from government schools into a home school co-op or private Christian school is long.

Many churches are already opening their doors for homeschool co-ops or full-time Christian schools. But as parents realize that our government run schools are failing to do as God instructed in Proverbs 22:6, “Train up a child in the way he should go,” the waiting lists nationwide are long. So the need is clear… we need MORE of our nation’s churches to open their doors for our children.

We are reaching out to pastors across the country to be true servants of God and open up your church for home school co-ops or become a private school in order to provide education and safe harbors for children as an alternative to this government education system that Dr. Charles Stanley of InTouch Ministeries calls an “unGodly pagan society.”

Dr. Stanley of InTouch Ministeries spoke to his congregation October 6, 2013 about some of the anti-Christian teachings in our government run education system in a message he titled “False Doctrine.”  And other pastors across the nation are speaking out as well. 

We MUST rescue our children. We must all work to restore God to HIS rightful place in our churches, our homes, our lives, our children, AND in the education of our children.

We need to rescue our TEACHERS as well. Many pastors are concerned about speaking on education because they don’t want to risk offending any teachers or school administrators that may be in their congregation.   However, when you review the information on this website you will find that the message is this: not only are our children under spiritual attack, but our teachers are as well when they are forced to teach curriculum that is in complete opposition of their Christian values. 

Most people become teachers because of their love of teaching children. But, as this teacher shares about why she had to leave teaching in the government schools, due to decades of education “reform,” today’s teachers have become facilitators of the government doctrine rather than teachers of good classical instruction. Their time is being filled with bureaucratic data collection and entry rather than being able to enjoy interacting with their students. And the children are suffering because of it.

Many teachers say that the joy of teaching is gone and they would welcome the opportunity to be a teacher in a classroom that offers a classical education in a safe and loving environment.  This can only be offered outside the government system in home school co-ops or private schools.

Former Texas senator, Dr. Ron Paul has authored a new book: The School Revolution. He applies his libertarian viewpoint to education issues and believes that personal responsibility is a theme for both parents and students; students who do not graduate as self-reliant citizens have been failed by their parents and by whichever education system they’ve attended. He laments parents’ failure to recognize that public education, although convenient and cheap, is often substandard. He says, “To the extent that any society substitutes a source of authority over education other than the family, it departs from liberty.”

To assist in the mission we are compiling resources with information about home school co-ops, curriculum based on biblical worldview, private Christian school associations, and more.

If you or your pastor are interested in more information about this project please contact Christina Michas at or 760-408-0845.