November 29, 2021

Ralph Peters to Megyn Kelly: “The White House is LYING! The President is a COWARD!” [WATCH]

President Obama abandoned Iraq for political reasons, choosing instead to honor his own campaign promise than the sacrifice of thousands of Americans and Iraqis that died trying to bring stability to the country.

Now Iraq is a complete mess, as radical Islamic jihadists, that were armed by Obama, are taking over the country, led by a man that Obama released from prison just a couple years earlier.

The White House is scrambling now, trying to explain and justify their untenable position, but nobody is accepting their excuses.

Lt. Col Ralph Peters, who called Obama a coward regarding Benghazi, has called him a coward again during an interview with Fox News’ Megyn Kelly, this time in regards to his half-hearted measures to deal with the mess he left in Iraq. (H/T TPNN)

“Iraq has come apart, no one is going to put Humpty Dumpty together, Secretary Kerry and the State Department need to get with reality.  This dream that somehow there’s going to be this coalition of Sunnis and Kurds and Shiites to save Iraq.  Iraq is over, done, finished…so concentrate on America’s interests, not on the Maliki government, the Baghdad government’s interests.”

Megyn Kelly asks what is in America’s interests.

“To prevent the emergence of the first terror state in world history.  This ISIS has a clear goal, and their well on their way to achieving that goal, of establishing a caliphate spanning much of Syria, much of Iraq, and it would be a terror state.”

“So it is absolutely criminal that this President has done nothing and is still doing nothing.”

Peters goes on to say that the 300 “advisors” that Obama has sent to Iraq is little more than a gesture that will do nothing except put our people in harms way.  He suggests using air strikes, which won’t solve the problem, but could do damage with the least risk to our own personnel.

“Intelligence has been watching ISIS build up for months and months…”

Kelly interrupts to say that the White House claims they were caught off guard by ISIS.

“The White House is lying!  This President is a coward and he won’t make tough decisions to defend America.”

Peters then discusses the dangers facing our 300 Special Operator “advisors” that will be venturing out to call in airstrikes on ISIS targets.

“The Iraqis will not defend them, they don’t have the numbers or the strength to defend themselves, and mark my words, IF ISIS were able to grab one or several of our Special Operators, and they will try, our guys are not going to get the gentle treatment Bergdahl got from the Taliban.”

Megyn asks what will happen next after ISIS has taken control of Syria and Iraq, and if they’ll be satisfied with that.

“Well, they won’t be.  Their dream is a universal caliphate, and they will push on.  They’ll certainly push on into Jordan, push into Lebanon, and continue to try to expand.”

“Here is the bottom line on all of this.  When the United States is powerful, everyone complains.  But when the United States is weak,  the world suffers.”

Lt. Col. Peters is unfortunately correct.  Obama’s precipitous pull out from Iraq exacerbated a problem that was barely contained, and has turned a fledgling democracy into a fractured war zone.

Obama’s administration is definitely lying about their knowledge of ISIS and their buildup, which even amateurs watching from home could see happening in Syria over the past couple of years.  The vacuum left by Obama’s abandonment of Iraq has been filled by both Sunni and Shiite grappling for control in their never-ending struggle against each other.

The United States broke Iraq when it first invaded it.  We then spent the next ten years trying to carefully rebuild it, only to have Obama knock it over and leave it smashed again before the glue was dry.  What is happening now in Iraq is directly attributable to Obama’s weak and half-hearted foreign policy, and if ISIS succeeds in setting up their radical Islamic caliphate, the blame rests mostly with him.

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