August 18, 2022

Some Random Snarks

One of the main reasons the Dems are obstructing the IRS Investigation is that many of them are actually complicit in pressuring the IRS to thwart Conservative Groups getting Tax-Exempt Status.

When is Issa going to subpoena Elijah Cummings and Dick Durbin ?

Why is Elijah Cummings still the Democrat Ranking Member of the House Oversight Committee when he himself was caught pressuring the IRS to target Conservative Groups ?

I hope McDaniel runs a write-in campaign – Maybe even the Democrat will win. So what ….

Why aren’t Lois Lerner’s Boss and her Boss’s Boss subpoenaed ? What about Lerner’s computer at home and other false email accounts such as gmail or yahoo mail ?

During the House Oversight Committee hearings, it would be wise for some of the Republicans to yield some of their time so Trey Gowdy can get on a roll.

The Federal Employee Unions MUST be taken down !

Have you noticed that almost no Obama supporters on Facebook are now posting anything supporting Obama.

We have to go beyond cartoons, jokes, and “likes” to stop Obama. How about instead of Bikers going to Sturgis – The venue is changed to Washington – That way millions of Patriots can meet them there and surround the Capitol and the White House.

We really do have a pathological sociopath as President ….. so hoping he will change is a waste of thought power. – I suspect he might very well resign before the Term is completed. He will actually give himself and/or pretend and dissemble to have some health issue necessitating such early resignation.

He will create a physical illness (unconsciously caused) that will give him the excuse and the sympathy to resign. He will crack-up from the pressure of everyone finding out that he is fraud. Like I said, I wouldn’t be surprised.

The Ship of State is sinking and has no Captain nor competent Officers ….. though the Captain is determined to find those damned strawberries

Perhaps Biden’s ‘three state solution” would have worked out better for all