August 12, 2022


STOP COMMON CORE – SEND A LETTER TO THE BISHOPSWe must do all we can to stop Common Core in the Catholic schools. Don’t take my word for it. Do your own research. Common Core is bad for our children and we must stop it.

We need to send letters to all the Florida Bishops to remove Common Core from our Catholic schools.  This idea came from the letter that a Catholic Patriot, sent to all the Florida Bishops.

Please write a simple letter to all bishops requesting they protect our Catholic children from Common Core and remove it from our Schools, or use the letter to all Bishops that is provided here.

A copy of the letter shown below is already prepared for you.  We must fight to protect our kids. Please sign the letter to the Florida Bishops to remove Common Core from our schools.

In case you wonder what is wrong with Common Core, the following links will provide more information:

132 Catholic Professors Against Common Core

If we do not protect our children, who will?

Please invite your contact friends to do the same.



Your Excellency;

I pray you can spare a few moments for me as I realize you must be very busy. If an assistant is reading this, please present my letter to the Bishop.
Our family and our children have been raised in the Catholic Faith attending Catholic education. I now have major questions and grave concerns about my faith and its embrace of Common Core, the educational program the Federal government is pushing. I fear not only for Catholic students but for all children attending schools. Our children are being taught using Common Core methods and concepts. We have educated ourselves on Common Core over the past year and the more we have learned the more we are alarmed.

When I think of teachers in both private and public schools, I certainly understand why they cannot speak out . . . job security, especially in the public school system.
We were all fooled about Common Core, parents, educators, administrators and also our Bishops. It sounded nice to hear, “that all kids would be equal”; well, kids are not equal, they all have different strengths and talents. Those in charge of our Catholic Schools, who decided that Common Core was good for Catholic students, were fooled too. Even our Governors were fooled, thinking the same thing; but more importantly, they were bribed to “jump on board” with Common Core. Easy to understand once you realize their reward would be millions of dollars for two government programs that were losing their states’ money, “Race to the Top” and “No Child Left Behind”. It was and is “all about the money” and this decision was because of it.

I am very concerned however, that our Bishops in Florida are embracing Common Core and not protecting our children from this socialized approach of brainwashing children starting in Kindergarten. There are tens of thousands in Florida and millions across this nation that are much smarter than I, who oppose Common Core. I am sure you received, along with all Catholic Bishops across the U.S., the letter from GERARD V. BRADLEY, PROFESSOR OF LAW – UNIVERSITY OF NOTRE DAME and signed by 132 professors, which warns all U.S. Catholic Bishops, to remove Common Core from Catholic schools, stating how harmful Common Core is for our children, visit for a copy of it.

You may also be aware that Catholic schools in Wisconsin have recently removed Common Core. The Diocese of Superior, Wisconsin recently announced that its 15 elementary and middle schools choose not to implement the new national curriculum. Bishop William Christensen’s decision follows that of several other Wisconsin dioceses. I applaud and appreciate what these Bishops have done, they are very brave men.  Will you join them?

In addition many states like NY, TX, KY, OK, IN, WY, FL and others, have either opposed or paused Common Core, and the latest, the Tennessee State House just voted to delay Common Core for 2 years. The Governor of Florida has signed 3 bills against Common Core standards. Governor Rick Scott told The Report Card’s Bill Korach that Common Core is no longer the educational standard in the State of Florida. Accompanied by his Educational Policy Director, Dr. Kim McDougal Gov. Scott stated: “The Florida State Standard is the standard, not Common Core.” The three bills are HB 7031, CS/SB 18 and SB 864, requires school districts to set up a process through which parents can contest the selection of certain textbooks and classroom materials.

Not only do we believe that ALL Catholic Bishops should remove Common Core from all their schools, we think it is their responsibility to warn all educators, in all schools, against Common Core. Not to speak, is to speak!

We believe however, that God has blessed us all with common sense and a moral compass . . . and with honest scrutiny – is it impossible to embrace Common Core. These federal top-down standards are designed by special interest groups, to take school curriculum away from parents and local communities. Children need education that fits their unique needs. Common Core’s top-down approach fails helping individual students.

We agree with the statement that “Common Core’s standards require that everyone think and learn alike. It eliminates school choice because everyone must teach the same thing in the same way at the same time — all for the sake of our government and special interest businesses. With Common Core, business comes first, education comes last and rights and liberty are nowhere to be found.”

Can you name a government program that is successful and cost efficient? Government programs rank very low with almost all having enormous waste; take for example, the post office, social security, health care mandate, almost every program administered by our government wastes resources, are ineffective, and cost excessive amounts of money with very poor results. Common Core will be no different.

Why would we or our Catholic Bishops in particular, want our government to track over 400 areas of personal information and extensive records on our children and their families, implement repeated iris scans on our children for identification, teach socialist principles, diminish parental influence and control, extinguish God or any reference to God in public schools (or in our Country for that matter), downplay Christianity and the Jewish Faith while elevating the Faith of Islam, distort and recreate history, criticize America, idolize Communist countries while elevating communism as something to strive for, teach untested math which at best makes little sense, lower the bar on reading by substituting and introducing inappropriate and fictional material, and preparing students to be clones, dependent on government instead of thinking as individuals with different God given gifts?

After listening to a recent state-wide conference call, a Ph.D. who spoke, relayed all the many errors she and her team have found in the history being taught to our kids. I started wondering, with the “sue everyone” mentality of Americans, would not the school(s), individual teachers, administrators, and the state education department be collectively and personally legally liable, for knowingly teaching false information to the innocent minds of our children? Maybe if every school were held accountable in court, they might rethink what they are teaching, making sure it was only the truth. Could you be placing our Catholic schools in jeopardy by embracing Common Core?
Why did the National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA)—a Washington, DC lobbying group for Catholic education accept more than $100,000.00 from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to promote the Common Core in Catholic schools throughout the country? Should we follow the money?

Why do our Catholic Bishops feel it is OK to take a back seat to the Government, making our kids dependent on it? If the Order of Nuns, The Little Sisters of the Poor can stand up against the government, why can’t our Bishops?

Stand up – it is our Bishops responsibility to protect our kids in your schools. As our government challenges us from every angle, my Catholic Faith is challenged even more, I pray yours is.

I plead with you to protect our kids, stand up now against Common Core and encourage others to do the same. Speak loud and clear, so others will have the courage to follow your lead.

Time is quickly running out . . . it is up to you to stand up – protect your school children!

Asking Your Excellency’s blessing, I am, Yours respectfully,