August 12, 2022

The Daily Caller Knows EXACTLY Where The IRS Emails Went


As two years worth of the Internal Revenue Service’s most important emails have suddenly disappeared without a trace, The Daily Caller thought that it would be a good idea to give the investigators of the case a hint or two about what may have happened to the emails.

1) The computer that held all of the emails may have scared an IRS employee and he or she then punched it in fear.

2) Or, an employee may have been frustrated with the scanner and, to fix the problem, tried to scan his or her computer.

3) It’s possible that cats may have tried to fight the computer.

4) Or, maybe a cat is holding the computer hostage and the IRS can’t retrieve it, but is too afraid to tell anyone.

5) High schoolers may be pranking the IRS.

6) Old people may have accidentally tried to work on the computer.

7) Or, maybe it was these old people.