December 5, 2021

Thuy (Twee) Lowe wins the Seminole County Straw Poll for Congressional District 5!

As reported in “Florida Politics“, last night, over 200 people filled the Longwood Community Center, to officially kick off the Political Hob Nob season with the Seminole County Young Professional Republicans. For those unfamiliar with the term “Hob Nob”, it’s an event where voters can go and discuss the issues with multiple candidates for office at one time. This was also the first comprehensive straw poll of the election cycle, which many of the candidates would interpret as the current direction their race is heading.-franktorresnet

thuy loweIn Congressional District 5, it was Thuy (Twee) Lowe picking up the victory with 88 of the 155 votes (3 candidates participating). Ms. Lowe took a minute to discuss her win with me, after the event and the direction the GOP was heading in 2014.

“I think it’s exciting that the great Young Republicans in Seminole County are supporting my campaign” she continued “I think we’re ready, we’re excited for 2014, you could see by the turn-out today that the Republicans are ready to work, and that Rick Scott and our party are going to take over in 2014.”

“The best part of campaigning is the one-on-one conversations with voters and community leaders; I truly enjoy sharing my political views and hearing the views of others. It’s an honor to have garnered so much support at the Seminole County Young Professional Republicans Hob Nob Straw Poll. Thank you SCYR for hosting such a great event.”

“Thuy is THE Candidate to defeat Corrine Brown!
America needs a strong voice to fight for the needs of our country, jobs, education, health care, and a solid middle class.”

Absentee Voting starts mid July
Early Voting Aug. 16th to Aug. 23rd
The Primary election is Aug. 26, 2014

About Thuy Lowe:

On April 30, 1975, the last helicopter to leave the roof of a diplomatic compound in Saigon, Vietnam lifted off. As these last few people so desperate to escape the coming holocaust huddled with their families, the relentless Communist army bore down on the city’s people. Among the refugees was the family of Thuy Lowe.

Thuy knew only two English words when she landed in America, “yes” and “OK”, but committed herself to learning English and becoming an American. Her family began building their new lives in America with a temporary assistance from a church in Winter Park and temporary support from the welfare system. After a few years of hard work and perseverance, her father became a business owner.

Like many immigrants, Thuy has an intense love of America and the way of life that many take for granted. In spite of some gains in economic reform, Vietnam still displays government suppression, little political freedom, and even less respect for civil liberties or human rights. Thuy feels very fortunate to live in America where citizens have rights, and people have opportunities to be self-reliant in this free-enterprise system.

To that end, Thuy is running for U.S. Congress in district 5. She hopes to unseat Congresswoman Corrine Brown. Thuy wants to pursue political and economic policies that will empower the people of this district to embrace economic freedom. Her constituents deserve the benefits of a prosperous, expanding economy that provides everyone, regardless of origin, nationality, color or creed with the opportunity for a job, or better yet, the opportunity to create a business that they can pass on to their children.
Thuy is the oldest of five children. She grew up in Orlando and graduated from UCF with a Bachelors of Science in Business Marketing. She started a non-emergency medical transportation company with about $50 dollars. The company was awarded with contracts to provide transportation services to the needs of area residents. The company grew to 10 vehicles and about 15 employees.

When her children were born, she became a fulltime mom and began investing in real-estate. She became very involved in her children’s education and the public education system. In fact, she was the volunteer of the year at her children’s middle school for four consecutive years.

She is a 3rd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and a member of the Rotary Club of Lake County Golden Triangle.

She is living the American dream and wants to do everything that she can to extend the opportunities to the residents of the Fifth Congressional District.

As of April 29, 2014, Thuy (Twee) Lowe qualified as a candidate for Congress in Florida’s Fifth Congressional District, a seat held by Rep. Corrine Brown for twenty two years. A resident of Sorrento, Florida, Thuy Lowe is a graduate of UCF and a familiar face with the Lake County School System.

It’s time for a New Voice in Washington. A voice that will speak for all the people of District 5 in Florida and the people of the United States. A voice not stifled by special interests or party lines.

A Republican of traditional values, Thuy will work to:

• Modify the role of Federal involvement and allow more control of our education system at the state level.
• Appeal the penalty of Obamacare a.k.a ACA that is being forced on the American people
• Reject laws that are intrusive into our private life.
• Lessen the burden of government regulations on private sector so we can bring jobs back to America
• Support a strong military to secure the American way of life.

Americans need a congress in Washington that will work together toward solutions and to ensure the continuance of the American way of life we have all enjoyed in the past and want to pass on to our children.

“America needs a strong voice to fight for the needs of our country; jobs, education, health care and a solid middle class, and I am committed to being that voice.”
For more information on LOWE4CONGRESS or upcoming events please visit the website at or contact us at 407-619-4373.