August 18, 2022

Raise your hand if you think Bergdahl deserted

Bowe Bergdahl – Megyn Kelly Interviews 6 Platoon Members and the results are shocking! They all agreed that Bergdahl left them in the field and he is a deserter. They all said they would have died for him. One of the ex-platoon members bunked with Bergdahl and said they were close friends. He felt betrayed and took it hard. They all thought he should be brought up for court marshal charges. They all agreed that calling Bowe Bergdahl a hero is like spitting into their faces as well as the faces of others in the service. They said it is not accurate to call them “swift boaters” and that they are just trying to bring forth the truth.

Bowe Bergdahl Converted To Warrior For Islam Or Not – You Decide From Report. Please read and subscribe.

According to secret documents obtained by Fox News which were based on eyewitness accounts, Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl converted to Islam in 2010 while a Haqqani captive. According to the report from Fox’s James Rosen, the documents suggest that Bergdahl “fraternized openly with his captors” and declared himself a “mujahid.” Rosen’s report indicates that Bergdahl’s relationship with his captors was fluid. At times, it was hostile and he was treated like a prisoner. “The documents show that Bergdahl at one point escaped his captors for five days and was kept, upon his re-capture, in a metal cage, like an animal,” the Fox report read. At other times, he was accepted by his captors, treated like a “fellow,” and even allowed to carry a gun.

According to Duane Clarridge, a former CIA officer, the subcontracting firm Eclipse Group had a contract with the Pentagon and aided in the efforts to locate Bergdahl. Clarridge told Fox News that one of the Eclipse’s reports to CENTCOM in August of 2012 indicated that “the American prisoner had declared himself a ‘mujahid.'”