October 16, 2021

Border Agent Spokesman: Flood of Immigrants Will End Up Staying

Border Agent Spokesman: Flood of Immigrants Will End Up Staying

“Even if they come to amnesty or asylum, they’ve crossed the border illegally already,” Pacheco said.

“They’ve broken the law. Yes, there’s going to come some time and point where the administration is going to have to say, yes, we’re going to have to give these people amnesty out of necessity. And then you’ll have the families come up with those children who are already here and have established residency.”

Because the Border Patrol in Texas is so overwhelmed, every 72 hours the government sends groups of 140 people, mostly women and children, to San Diego, Pacheco said, adding that there is no end in sight.

“We don’t know when it’s going to stop; that’s just part of the process right now,” he said.

The job of looking after all of the illegal children is so vast that drug cartels and others are getting into the United States because there is no one at the border to stop them, he added.

“Agents aren’t there to deal with it because they’re inside processing, changing diapers, or doing something else,” Pacheco said. “They’re doing basic administrative duties as opposed to actually the law enforcement duties that they are sworn to do.”

Additionally, agents are fearful of contracting a disease from one of the migrants, though they take numerous precautions to mitigate the chances.

“Some of them do have scabies,” he said. “Some of them even have active tuberculosis. There’s one confirmed case of the swine flu, which is the H1N1.”

He expressed dismay that the Obama administration is requesting more than $3 billion to care for all of the children coming in illegally rather than to stem the tide and seal the border.

“The American people are going to foot that bill specifically for the care of these children,” he said.

“My question is, why aren’t they putting that $3 billion within Border Patrol to their jobs on the ground to stop these people from coming across?

“Why are we spending money to ship people across the country at this moment in time and potentially having a problem with health across the country? Look at what is going on as opposed to what is being said.”

In an interview on Tuesday with “The Steve Malzberg Show” on Newsmax TV, Rep. Ted Poe of Texas said immigration officials have inexplicably restricted lawmakers who have wanted to visit the detention facilities where the children are being warehoused.

“We were invited to go to Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, but under the condition you cannot talk to anybody, you cannot talk to the staff, you cannot talk to these people that are here,” Poe told Malzberg.

“You can’t take any photographs, no voice recording, you can’t do anything except look around. What are they hiding? Why won’t they let Congress see what has occurred on the border?”

Pacheco, who also spoke with Malzberg in a separate interview, said he saw no good reason for the shroud of secrecy.

“There’s nothing there to be hidden, there’s nothing in there that would say, hey, you know what, [this is] out of the ordinary,” he said.

“[There’s a] temperature-controlled environment . . . running water . . . toilet facilities, we feed them. In fact, [in] some of the places, the doors are open so that these kids can run around if they want to in our custody.”