October 17, 2021

BREAKING: Israel’s Cabinet Unanimously Rejects John Kerry’s Demands

For a former military officer, John Kerry doesn’t seem to understand much about strategy. Despite numerous comments from Israel’s leadership that it must continue its military operations in the Gaza Strip to destroy the tunnel network dug by Islamic terrorists to allow the smuggling of weapons into and throughout Gaza, the secretary of state submitted to the Israeli cabinet his proposal for a week-long cease-fire.

The Israeli cabinet rejected the proposal unanimously, according to a Breitbart report.

The fighting of recent weeks started when the radical Islamic terrorist group Hamas kidnapped and murdered three Israeli teenagers, then responded to Israel’s attempts to bring justice to those responsible with rockets–thousands of them, now–fired into Israel from behind human shields in Gaza.

Under pressure to look like he is in control of something that is happening in a world that seems increasingly to view him as irrelevant, President Barack Obama dispatched Secretary of State Kerry–at unknown taxpayer expense–to deliver the proposal directly, despite the fact that no one expected either side to accept it.

“There is no way that Israel can accept the presence of a tunnel network on its border, a system of fortified bunkers that is even more frightening for residents of the south than rocket attacks,” the report said, citing Israel’s “Iron Dome” as effective against the rocket threat.

Although Obama and Kerry claim that their main concern is to prevent further civilian casualties, former Israeli ambassador to the U.S. Michael Oren has argued persuasively that any cease-fire now will have the opposite effect over time, because it will allow Hamas to resume its rocket and other attacks on its own schedule.

Israel claims to have the world’s most “moral military” because of its efforts to avoid civilian casualties on either side of the battle, but Hamas complicates this process because it views dead Palestinian civilians as a propaganda victory, useful for increasing international pressure against the Jewish nation.

Knowing all of this, one would think that the Obama administration would refuse to be used in this manner by Hamas. Unfortunately, Obama’s ally is not Israel, but the mainstream media, and this president will do nothing that might go against the liberal narrative that says that Israel is at fault for civilian casualties despite the clear evidence to the contrary.

If this administration isn’t going to help America’s strongest ally in the middle east–and, given that Obama has no interest in defending his own nation’s borders, there’s no reason to expect him to help the Israelis defend theirs–it should at least get out of the way and let them finish the job.

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