August 18, 2022

Horrors of Socialized Healthcare – Senior Citizens Denied Care!

Horrors of Socialized Healthcare – Senior Citizens Denied Care!Buyer Beware! All of you folks who voted for President Obama because of his (and the Democrat Party’s) attempts to install socialized healthcare in the United States, take a look at what is happening in Great Britain.

Royal College of Surgeons issued a report that the British National Health Services (NHS) is denying life-saving operations because of age discrimination in defiance of the law. New data documents for the first time that across large areas of the United Kingdom no patients above the age of 75 are “receiving surgery for breast cancer or routine operations such as gall bladder removal and knee replacements.” 

Many in Britain (especially among the liberal supporters of the NHS) are acting as if no one could possibly see this coming, but that reaction is a farce. Way back in 2005 the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) published a report that predicted exactly what this latest research proves. That older citizens could be denied healthcare services because of a lack of funding combined with their advanced age. NICE concluded that it would just not be economically expedient to provide care for these older (and sicklier) citizens.

When the NICE report was released it was decried by liberals as an attempt to scare senior citizens into supporting conservative anti-NHS politics.

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) provides national guidance and advice to supposedly improve health and social care in the UK. Because of budget considerations, NICE issued a report on May 6, 2005 that “patients could be denied certain health treatments because of their age.”

The report caused an uproar at the time. Jonathan Ellis, health policy manager at the “Age Concern” charity, said: “To suggest that anyone should receive less care and attention simply because they happen to be older is blatant discrimination.” He added that about 80% of physicians in general practice now believed there is discrimination against older people within the NHS system. “It also runs contrary to the government’s stated aim of tackling the prejudice against older people that exists in health care services,” he stated.

We’ve seen the same kind of “Medi-scaring” in America over the years, haven’t we?

Democrats are continually trying to scare Senior Citizens into voting against Republicans because Republicans want to cut Medicare and Medicaid or other medical welfare programs for seniors. This oversimplifies the debate and does no good for anyone, as it simply kicks our fiscal problems down the road for future generations.

The truth of the mediscare tactics is that we have severe budget limitations – so when liberals act like money for these programs can be made to flow like water, they are simply lying to win votes.

But the problems in the British NHS should be a wake up call for America. They are a far smaller nation, with far fewer financial obligations and a much higher tax burden… and even they cannot support socialized healthcare. How do you expect us to be able to do it?

The short answer is… we can’t.

It’s time to grow up and take responsibility for our stupidity. Repeal Obamacare and let’s figure out something that can work in the real world not the fairy tale world of Obama supporters.