October 26, 2021

Letter to the Editor Regarding Article on President Richard Nixon

Craig Shirley’s NewsMax article on President Nixon was superb and his offenses compared to President Obama’s were trivial. After all no one died at Watergate and four Americans were assassinated at Benghazi. However, one important thing was missing from the article: Senator John F. Kennedy stole the 1960 elections.

John F. KennedySeymour M. Hersh, a former investigative reporter from the New York Times and a 1970 Pulitzer prize winner, wrote a book entitled The Dark Side of Camelot (1997). He explained in his book that President Kennedy stole the 1960 election with the help of the Mafia. In chapter 10 of his book entitled “The Stolen Election” the author described a meeting of the president’s father, Joseph P. Kennedy, with the head of the Chicago Mafia Sam Giancana in 1959. Joe Kennedy asked Giancana to help elect his son president of the United States. In return, Joe Kennedy promised that his son once elected will protect him from prosecution.

The Chicago Mafia Hersh pointed out also exercised “direct control over mobster and Teamsters Union activities in Cleveland, St. Louis, Kansas City, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles.” Senator John Kennedy defeated Vice President Richard Nixon in one of the closest election in history. Senator Kennedy won by 118,000 popular votes out of 68 million votes cast in the nation. He carried Illinois by fewer than 9,400 votes. There was massive fraud in the city of Chicago which was dominated by Mayor Richard Daley and the Mafia. The was also fraud in other states as reported by Hersh. After the election the author explained “allegations of vote fraud were eventually filed against Democrats in 11 states.” Hersh pointed out that two grand juries were convened in Chicago after the election. However, they ended up indicting only five lower-level Democratic Party officials for vote buying and vote fraud.