October 25, 2021

Megyn Kelly Interview: Obama is “Silent When Christians Are Persecuted” [WATCH]

The relative peace and stability enjoyed by the middle east–always tenuous at best–when President Barack Obama took office in 2009 is now long gone. Islamic terrorists have fired thousands of rockets into Israel from the Gaza Strip, forcing the Jewish nation into taking military action. Syria’s civil war continues. And now Iraq’s government is threatened by the brutal Islamic ISIS terrorist group.

The ISIS terrorists, led by a former Guantanamo Bay detainee released by the Obama administration in 2009, now controls large amounts of land in both Syria and Iraq. It is using its base of power to persecute the relatively small Christian community in Iraq, according to Family Research Council President Tony Perkins in an interview with Megyn Kelly.

Perkins says that Christians in Iraq face a “terrifying ultimatum” from ISIS: “Convert to Islam, leave, pay an impoverishing tax, or die by the sword.”

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Even worse, the Obama administration ignores the plight of these Iraqi Christians. “This administration has been silent continuously when Christians have been persecuted… [it] is more concerned about offending Islamic states and Islamic nations” than about defending the basic human right of religious freedom, Perkins says.

“I’m not sure what’s more shocking, the atrocities of ISIS or the silence of the Obama administration,” he told Kelly.

In the name of tolerance, liberals have created a public environment in which any criticism of Muslims or Islam receives an instant label, usually as “racist.” (Liberals often appear unaware that Islam is not a race.) Attacks on Christians or–increasingly–Jews, however, are fair game.

Thus, for example, media stories of civilian deaths in Gaza almost uniformly place blame on the Jews, despite the fact that Hamas started the current conflict and intentionally places civilians in harm’s way.

As unjust as that may be, at least the Israelis have the means and ability to protect themselves from the radical Islamic terrorists whose stated intention is the destruction of their nation and the Jewish people.

The Christians of Iraq have no such means or ability. They need, and deserve, American help.

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