October 27, 2021

Obama Executive Order Attacks Christian Owned Companies

Obama’s push for the acceptance of the sexually perverse took a big blow this month when the Supreme Court ruled to protect the religious rights of Christian owned companies Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood Specialties. The contraception mandate was a key part of his socialist agenda to destroy the Christian foundations of America.

Over a century ago progressive socialists knew that in order to change America that they had to undermine and destroy the strong Christian grip on the nation, along with the strong traditional family structure. They knew then that Americans would not stand for an outright attack on these foundations, so they had to do it subtlety and slowly over the course about a century. That century has passed and they have been quite successful to the point that open attacks on Christianity and the family are now being upheld in the courts by liberal and progressive judges. The contraception mandate was part of that attack and the ruling was a setback that they will surely strive to overcome.

Reports have said that today, Obama will launch another attack on the moral and Christian foundations by signing an executive order barring all federal contractors from discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. Supposedly, the order will allow for some exemptions for religiously owned companies that have federal contacts, but those exemptions won’t be as broad as the employers would like them to be.

The religious exemptions would apply to the hiring of a minister and to hiring someone of a specific religion that is the same as a company’s requirement. Otherwise, no religiously based company that holds federal contracts would be allowed to discriminate against the hiring of gays, lesbians, bisexuals or transgender people.

To further define this, imagine a Christian owned company that holds a federal contract which requires all of their employees to adhere to their religious faith or denomination. If a homosexual applied for a position with that company and said they were of the same denomination, the company would not be allowed to discriminate against that person for their sinful lifestyle even if it is against their religious beliefs.

Obama has repeatedly tried to get Congress to pass a law similar to his executive order that would encompass all businesses regardless if they held a federal contract or not. Since congressional Republicans refuse to pass such a law, Obama is taking the first step in attacking the religious hiring rights of companies that have federal contracts.

This will affect more companies and workers than you may realize. It is estimated that his executive order will affect around 24,000 companies and their 28 million employees. Once this executive order goes into effect, it only takes one more strike of his pen to sign a second executive order extending this to all companies nationwide.

If that happens, it would force every religious institution including churches, ministries, colleges and universities to hire LGBT people as long as they claimed to be of the same denomination or faith. Imagine your church wants to hire someone to work in the church office and the best qualified candidate is a flaming homosexual. Your church would not be allowed to turn that person down for the job even though their sexual preferences are an abomination and offensive to your church’s beliefs. Or what if the Christian school where your kids attend wants to hire a teacher and a qualified transgender applicant applies? The school could be forced to hire that person for fear of being sued and that person would then be allowed to teacher your kids and perhaps persuade them that this sinful lifestyle is really okay.

Obama’s executive order is not about equality as much as it’s about the continued attack on Christianity in America. It’s part of the effort to undermine and topple the Christian stronghold that once held our nation together in greatness. That stronghold has been crumbling for nearly a century and now the walls are falling apart faster and faster. It won’t be long until the vestiges of our nation’s Christian heritage and foundation will be little more than a small blemish in a corrupt and perverted land.