August 12, 2022

The Compassionate Racism of Liberals

Conservatives today are constantly being labeled racist for opposing the radical leftist ideology of President Barack Obama.  Psychologists believe in the projection theory, which is that individuals like to project their own negative behavior on those they hate.  No other issue seems to prove this theory more than the anger liberals express towards conservatives while accusing them of racist motives.

New border risk: ISIS ties to Mexican drug lordsI am more convinced than ever that anyone who still believes in the Democratic Party and declares being a Democrat is most probably a racist.  The worst form of racism is the demeaning of a race by using paternalistic approaches, as if these individuals couldn’t possibly manage anything in life without help from more intelligent superior human beings—-the liberal elitists.

This racist attitude in Democrats is extended to both African Americans and Hispanics/Latinos.  It comes from governmental/political leaders, from liberal organizations, from Christian churches, the media and Hollywood.  No wonder, even after all the corruption and scandals of the Obama administration they still try to cover for this incompetent and lawless president just because he is Black.  That is real racism!  Many elitist White people felt the need to prove their sophistication in matters of race to the point of blindly supporting and even deifying an ignoble community organizer who had learned to use the Alinsky’s tactics to fool them.

We see it also in the politics of “Comprehensive Immigration” reform by both Democrats and the Republican establishment.  The Democrats look at the Mexican and Central American illegal aliens as people who are not only poor but ignorant and easily deceived by their message of caring and concern; a message with promises of free health care, welfare benefits, and education for their children.  Of course, it is the American taxpayer that pays the bills while being hated by Democrats for their “lack of compassion” towards the downtrodden.  For Democrat politicians these immigrants are their potential voters who will forever keep the Democratic Party in power.  President Obama and his minion Democrats are using people they consider inferior for the purpose of changing the demographics of our country and so fulfilled the Obama’s promise of a total transformation of the United States of America; a transformation so radical that most Americans today wouldn’t recognize; an America that would trash the Constitution and become a socialist statist nation.

The “compassionate conservative” Republican, better known as RINO, has no desire to stop the influx of illegal immigrants as long as the Chamber of Commerce and all special interest businesses continue to enrich the coffers of the RNC and their establishment Republicans.  Senator Jeff Sessions in a recently published article on Breitbart News has a clear and convincing answer for those who tell us we need foreign workers to do the jobs Americans won’t do.  He states that” human beings are not commodities”; and that “for too long, the immigration debate has been driven by the needs of politicians, business interests, and immigration activists who fail to appreciate that a nation owes certain obligations to its own citizens.”  Not only they don’t care about the American worker, but they treat illegal immigrants as pawns.
This represents a new form of slavery, and it is just as racist.

Liberals demand our government welcome our invaders across the Mexican border with open arms and gifts because we must care for the poor.  What makes these people believe the Hispanics coming from Mexico and Central America will be better off living in the United States?  Liberals tend to think our country is awful, and yet they insist on increasing immigration levels.  How will they help them integrate to our culture and our values?  The answer is that they don’t care.  They just ease their consciences by making working Americans pay for the expenses and allow our country to become balkanized.

Many of these young people currently crossing the border are considered a sub-culture within their country of origin.  The population of Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador is mostly mestizo; a mixed race of mostly Indian (of the Americas) descent.  The literacy rate is low; serious malnutrition occurs particularly among children; and medical attention is inadequate.  They have little in common with the ruling majority in their countries of origin, who are elated to dump their poor and illiterate citizens at our border and have the United States take care of them.  These individuals are human beings who must be respected and love, but trying to convert them to our way of life is not the answer to the problem.  They would be most happy remaining in their home country among their own people and choosing their way of life.

Remaining in the United States will not turn out well for neither the illegal aliens nor our country.  Either they must be forced to integrate or our country ends up being balkanized, which in turn brings us to serious disputes and ultimately secession or demise of a great country.  We already have a preview of the future with the state of California.

The United States, courtesy of American taxpayers, contributes substantial sums of money to these Central American countries in order to alleviate poverty and illiteracy, as well as programs funded under the Central American Regional Security Initiative that supposedly helps combat money laundering, corruption, narcotics and human trafficking .  Instead of accepting these illegal aliens from Central America, the United States must demand these countries help us in repatriation of their citizens.  In addition, we must demand accountability before any further monetary assistance is given.  We must stop foreign aid until we see results in the health, literacy, and job creation for these people and, in the fight against corruption and in the narcotics/human trafficking.

The problem with liberal elitists is that they think they are always right and that their way of life should be the one to follow by the rest of the world.  Just like the compassionate conservative GW Bush wanted to liberate Iraq and force it into Democracy because he seriously believed that all human beings equally want freedom and our way of life.  The Iraqis don’t want our democracy any more than the poor illegal immigrants crossing our border want to become Americans.  We must stop trying to meddle into everyone else’s lives.

This brings us to the most fundamental problem with leftist thinkers, that of EQUALITY.  God never meant to make us equal or He would not have given us our own DNA.  It is unnatural to make everyone equal.  Equality exists only in the mind of the liberal, an idea that has driven many into the Marxist ideology that resorts to tyranny and even murder to justify equal outcomes that can never materialize.  Instead of celebrating the equality of God’s love for each of his unique creation, the liberals worship little gods that promise equality of results for all human beings.  Therefore, every time a leftist movement takes hold of a government, no matter where or when, it ends in catastrophe since the mission is impossible.

Elvira Fernandez Hasty was born in La Habana, Cuba, to immigrants from Spain.  She attended a private Catholic school for women, French Dominicans School, until the age of fifteen.  At that time, the Castro regime militia invaded her home one night in order to question her 20 year old sister, Rose, about her involvement in “counter-revolution” at the University.  After some months of anguish, my father arranged for Rose to obtain diplomatic protection from the country of Honduras, and the decision was also made to send me away before confiscation of private schools by the communist government.  My sister flew to Honduras under the protection of the Ambassador on January 24, 1961, while I left the country for Florida the next day via the Pedro Pan organization that was formed to protect Cuban children from Marxist indoctrination.

After finishing high school in Florida and working at an electric company billing department, Elvira continued her studies at St. Mary College in Kansas.  She graduated cum laude with a BS in Chemistry and later received her PhD in Chemistry from the University of Illinois at Urbana, IL.  Dr. Hasty spent twenty years in college teaching and research, becoming Associate Professor of Chemistry and Chairperson at Mundelein College in Chicago.

In 1997, Elvira and her husband James, moved to Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, where she currently resides.  She has been politically active since then, first in the Republican Party and lately in her own conservative organization, Ponte Vedra Conservative Women, a group of conservative women concerned about the future of our country. We are united by our common desire to preserve our Constitution, the principles of our Founding Fathers, and our Judeo/Christian values.