October 17, 2021

UNREAL: Obama Tells Israel NOT to Invade Gaza to Take Out Terrorists

The president has stated many times that the U.S. supports Israel, but his actions tend to send an entirely different message to our best and likely only true ally in the Middle East.

Obama continues to support Hamas through financial funding, a move that is a slap in the face to our friends in Israel, and he also had the nerve to ask them to use “restraint” when dealing with the terrorists launching rockets into the most populated areas of their country.

Israel, being much more intelligent than they are often given credit for, decided to ignore the president’s foolish advice and have launched a massive operation to put Hamas out to pasture and safeguard their nation.

Now, as the Israeli military prepares for a possible ground invasion of Gaza, President Obama takes the side of the terrorists and tells Israel not-so-fast.

The White House issued a warning to Israel telling them not to engage in a ground invasion as it puts the lives of Palestinian civilians in greater danger.

via English.Alarabiya.Net:

The United States on Monday warned against any Israeli ground invasion of Gaza, saying it would put even more civilians at risk than are currently in the crossfire of attacks on Hamas.

But the White House stopped short of criticizing Israel over the civilian toll so far in Gaza of the offensive, saying the government had a “right” and “responsibility” to defend their citizens against rocket attacks.

“Nobody wants to see a ground invasion because that would put more civilians at risk,” White House spokesman Josh Earnest said during his daily press briefing.

Earnest said that Washington remained concerned about civilian casualties and called on both sides to minimize them.

But he declined to answer a question as to whether Israel, which has used the US-built Iron Dome system to shoot down Hamas rockets, was using appropriate force, given the rising casualty figures among civilians in the Gaza Strip.

He put the onus on Palestinian radicals to take steps that would lead to an alleviation of the misery of civilians in Gaza.

“We need Hamas to stop launching rockets that are putting Israeli citizens in harm’s way,” he said.

“At the same time, the United States is also very concerned about those Palestinian civilians who are in harm’s way.

“That’s why we’ve been urging Israeli political leaders and Palestinian leaders to do everything necessary to try to safeguard the safety and well-being of civilians on both sides of the border.”

Unbelievable. Israel is taking necessary action to ensure that the country is safe and protected from Hamas terrorists who want to wipe them out of existence.

If the Palestinian government is concerned about the safety of its citizens, why not join forces with the Israelis to take out Hamas, the common enemy of the peace of both nations?

President Obama is once again siding with terrorists, which is nothing new and lines up with his anti-colonialist worldview. The damage he has done to our relationship with Israel remains to be seen, but the truth here is that they have the right to go in and forcibly remove those who are attempting to destroy them, whether Obama likes it or not.

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