October 24, 2021

BREAKING: Doctors Across the Country Are Completely Rejecting Obamacare Patients

BREAKING: Doctors Across the Country Are Completely Rejecting Obamacare PatientsBetween the crisis of illegal immigration and the breakout of violence in the middle east, Americans have been paying slightly less attention lately to the domestic policy that began President Barack Obama’s downward slide in the approval polls–his signature healthcare legislation, Obamacare.

The original roll-out of the Obamacare website was riddled with problems, and both doctors and hospitals began rejecting the program early on, leading to narrower coverage networks than the president had originally promised. Enrollments were never has high as the administration had predicted–or even as high as they reported.

In addition, multiple lawsuits threaten to undercut the legislation even further, possibly rendering it unsustainable.

Now, new reports of doctors and hospitals refusing to accept Obamacare plans are leading an increasing number to believe that the program is doomed to failure.

The issue is that physician payments under the plan are much more likely to resemble the lower Medicare reimbursement rates than commercial insurer rates, according to the Daily Caller. Many doctors simply won’t be able to afford to “keep the lights on” if they accept more patients at the lower rate.

Only eight million Americans have signed up under Obamacare, and 70 percent of those received policies that are “either narrow or ultra-narrow,” according to the report. The more narrow the coverage, the harder it will be for patients to find a doctor or hospital that accepts it.

Many doctors may not even yet have realized how low the Obamacare reimbursement rates are; as they find out, many more may refuse to accept those plans–especially “top-tier” facilities that specialize in hard-to-treat illnesses.

In other words, the intrusion of government bureaucrats into the economics of the healthcare system has rendered the system less efficient, leading to shortages. It’s classic free market economics and an argument against government intervention in almost anything.

Expect liberals to blame the doctors, who would be forced to accept levels of payments under Obamacare that would literally put them out of business. Liberals love to blame the victim.