October 26, 2021

CNN: Revolutionary Communists and Anarchists Causing Unrest

CNN commentator Marc Lamont Hill reported that an “anarchist” and someone from a “revolutionary communist” group started Monday night’s stand-off between the police and demonstrators in Ferguson, MO.

Hill said that tensions rose when two water bottles were thrown at police, and that one of the individuals who threw the bottles was an “anarchist,” and he was told that the other was “from a revolutionary communist group in Illinois.”

He added that the protesters were not happy with the outside agitators attempting to provoke the police, stating “both were in the crowd. both white. Two people said ‘go back to your neighborhood with that instead of coming in here and messing with us.’ They didn’t want to be lumped in with these two people.”

He blamed the individuals who threw the bottles for causing the stand-off on Monday, “as soon as they threw it, police start to encroach, the crowd got scared. They didn’t know what was going on.”

Hill added that reports of outside agitators were “absolutely correct.” And that groups were “coming to antagonize. Their whole belief is that if there is enough unrest, there will be a revolt. They want to see the violence and antagonism.”

He also said that the outside groups are a small minority of the protesters and that the agitators are “literally three or four people in the crowd for every 500 people.”