October 15, 2021

Horrible Nancy Pelosi Calls Hamas a “Humanitarian Organization”

JULY 31,2014_THESE TUNNELS ARE NICENancy Pelosi was talking to that woman who lied to Romney during one of the debates. Remember how Obama sat on his stool with the face of a petulant school girl and angrily told Mr. Romney to “move on”? That was Jabba’s Unpleasant Daughter’s job…if proper, which it wasn’t. Now the polls indicate that the majority of the dummies who voted (again) for Obama prefer Romney. Isn’t political stuff fun?

But back to Pelosi and Jabba’s progeny. Pelosi said she believed the outfit paying the bill for Hamas is a “humanitarian organization.” (I hope I misheard her. Maybe I was inadvertently watching some political parody.) Ms. Jabba didn’t challenge Pelosi, but that is to be expected.

Almost immediately after Pelosi’s performance, the screen flashed to Mrs. Bill Clinton, who asserted the reason those largely misunderstood guys in Hamas hide their bombs, guns and “meeesiles” in schools, mosques, private homes and hospitals, is because Gaza is a “small place.” So…the reason Hamas uses human shields is because real estate is scarce. Who knew?

After that amazing revelation, some dork spokesman for Hamas gave a speech praising and urging the “good citizens” of Gaza to ignore Israeli leaflets warning of pending retaliatory strikes in the leafleted neighborhood from which meeesiles had recently been launched. The dork was nicely dressed and smiling. He urged folks to stay in their homes and (impliedly) “die for Allah” or words to that effect.

What amazes me is not how stupid politicians are, but how stupid they think their underlings/the rest of us) are. You can be an American cursed with idiotic leadership, who in their arrogance, believe their constituency is composed of people dumber than themselves…or you can be listening to some self-appointed murderous Hamas bully in Gaza. Either way…you’re treated like an idiot.

I recall some real smart guy saying recently, while analyzing some bone-head political blunder, “Just because people get elected to political power doesn’t make them smarter.” It is true. And it illustrates why a politician should be subject to scrutiny in all aspects of his/her life. To loosely quote Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., “Character does matter.” This rebuts that unknown guy with the ponytail at a town hall meeting who told us “character doesn’t matter” …and we should all vote for Bill Clinton. (Were we that stupid? Yes. We were…me not included. Have a majority of us learned anything since then? Not really.) But, back to the smart guy’s observation. Just because a person gets elected she doesn’t get any smarter. Nor does his character improve. Of course, I understand that Clinton’s womanizing didn’t prove he was a dummy about welfare or gauging American voters. He understood both things. But have you noticed a strange correlation between how womanizers and liars seem incapable of making good decisions that affect the rest of us? Hillary got fired from the law firm investigating Nixon’s antics because she concealed evidence. Bill was disbarred for his shenanigans in office. The Obamas both “surrendered” their law licenses about three minutes before those licenses were taken from them by the Illinois bar.

What’s wrong with this picture?

Things look bad, but fear not. Everything is just fine in Heaven…where the Maker of Heaven and Earth never slaps His Radiant Forehead and mutters…”Wow…I didn’t see that coming.”