October 21, 2021

Judge Jeanine: Obama Operates Under ‘Naive Assumption’ About Hamas

Judge Jeanine: Obama Operates Under 'Naive Assumption' About HamasJudge Jeanine Pirro went after the Obama administration in her fiery Opening Statement Sunday night, saying President Obama and John Kerry look “ridiculous” for their stance toward Israel and Hamas during the ongoing conflict. She argued the president operates under a “naive assumption” about Hamas, Iran and other hostile groups in the Middle East.

Tonight the shelling continues and there appears to be no end in sight to the Hamas/Israeli conflict – the third war in five years.

And, he did it again. Our president, Barack Obama, and his trusty sidekick, Secretary of State, John Kerry, made us look ridiculous on the world stage.

Orchestrating a cease-fire believing a terrorist organization would be true to its promise of a 72-hour cease-fire, which of course Hamas broke in 90 minutes. Reminding the world yet again that we either don’t know what we’re doing, don’t know who our friends are, or are actually switching sides.

The sad part is that the cease-fire would have allowed humanitarian aid to Palestinians caught in the crossfire. Sadly, a U.N. School was hit and the lives of innocents lost because Hamas uses children as shields, hiding their weapons behind the victims, thus baiting the enemy.

And our leader in chief has the chutzpah to chastise Prime Minister Netanyahu for the disproportionate loss of life – not unlike this U.N. High commissioner for Human Rights genius.

It’s almost as though she and our president are saying it’s not fair, Israel you are winning the war  – more people are dying on the other side than yours – so stop it. And, when Israel does, Hamas attacks.

It ignores the reality that terrorist organizations do not honor cease-fires. Hamas has broken every cease-fire it said it would honor.

Should we be surprised?

Hamas is labeled a terrorist organization by our own State Department. It is the out-growth of the Muslim Brotherhood, a partner of Iran, the enemy of Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Jordan – moderate Arab states.

But then again, how could we possibly expect our president to know what’s going on – he’s the one who said this.

What planet is he living on?

Instead, it’s just the opposite.

Al Qaeda is bigger than ever, ISIS, Hamas, Iran, all gaining power while our president dithers on whether to impose sanctions for violations of his own red lines.

So will it ever stop? How can it?

The Hamas charter demands that every Jew be killed. And while our do-nothing president golfs, plays pool and goes to fundraisers, he quietly negotiates with Iran, allowing them to continue their nuclear build-up – bringing them closer to attaining the nuclear bomb that Iran intends to use against Israel.

It’s not going to stop because our president turns tail and runs out of Iraq, leaving it open to ISIS – you know, the group that kills their fellow Muslims, beheading them, destroying Christian churches and killing Christians.

It’s not going to stop because our president supported President Morsi, who after his election imposed Sharia law, suspended the constitution. Even 35 million Egyptians, most of them Muslims, had the backbone to stand up to the Muslim Brotherhood.

The same group that our president invited to sit in the first two rows of his speech in Cairo in 2009.

It’s no wonder that the world thinks that we are bumblers, it was Barack Obama and his then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who negotiated a cease-fire between Hamas and Israel two years ago – convincing Israel to take down a blockade so that Hamas could build schools and hospitals for Palestinians.

A half a million tons of cement later were then used by Hamas to build steel reinforced subterranean tunnels – the most sophisticated in the world, from which terrorists wearing counterfeit Israeli uniforms could handcuff, kidnap and slaughter Jews.

The naive assumption that our administration is operating under is that if you just give a terrorist organization what it wants and try to understand their grievances – the conflict will be over.

It’s like saying ‘if we just sat down with the Boston bombers, they wouldn’t have killed so many of us.’

Hamas is not a political party. They are not soldiers, they are terrorists. Most Arab states agree, as evidenced by the silence and lack of support to Hamas by Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates.

Hamas’ chant from river to sea is a reminder of their intent to eliminate Israel.

Creating a Palestinian state is one thing  and it’s altogether different from destroying a democratic one. The fact that our president does not seem to understand the difference is in itself a danger zone for all Americans.