October 17, 2021

Megyn Kelly Rips MO Governor: ‘That is Not the Way Our Justice System Works’

Fox News Channel anchor Megyn Kelly criticized Gov. Jay Nixon (D-MO) for a statement he released on Tuesday calling for “a vigorous prosecution,” “justice for the family of Michael Brown” and “justice for Michael Brown.”

“That is not the way our justice system works, and he knows damn well that is the case. He knows it, he was the Attorney General. He has a responsibility as chief executive of that state not to stoke the fires. Chris, is he that worried about his political hide that he’s going to endanger this officer’s life further?” she said.  And, “That was an irresponsible and outrageous statement to make on the eve of the grand jury convening and he needs to walk it back and apologize for getting ahead of his skis.”

Earlier in the show, anchor Shepherd Smith reported that the governor’s office stood by the statement when contacted by Fox News, but claimed that “what he [Governor Nixon] meant was, that the investigation should go forward and let the chips should fall where they may.”