October 25, 2021

Pirro to Obama: ‘You Were Wrong’ on Iraq

Fox News Channel’s “Justice with Judge Jeanine” anchor Jeanine Pirro criticized the president’s late reaction to the crisis in Iraq on her Saturday broadcast.

“The problem is President Barack Obama is too inexperienced, too out of touch, and too disengaged to protect us” she said.

Pirro described the president’s policy as “feckless,” and declared, “You don’t have a clear mission, and you don’t have a clear strategy…your track record doesn’t exactly put the fear of God in any of those terrorists.”

Pirro also listed the numerous instances where the president has been wrong on Iraq.

“You were wrong when you scoffed at the idea of genocide or ethnic cleansing in Iraq if U.S. troops were withdrawn,” she said. “You were wrong when you pulled American troops out of Iraq saying it would be ‘irresponsible.’ … You were wrong when you said al Qaeda was on its heels … You were wrong when you dismissed ISIS as nothing more than a JV squad … You were wrong when you dithered on that red line in Syria as ISIS gained strength and military experience in that war. You were wrong leaving an inexperienced Iraqi military with our weapons [that] they dropped at the first sign of ISIS. The same weapons now being used against their victims.”