October 17, 2021

REPORT: CIA Expert Confirms Our Worst Fears About Barack Obama

REPORT: CIA Expert Confirms Our Worst Fears About Barack ObamaOsama Bin Laden, former leader of the radical Islamic Al-Qaeda terrorist group and inspiration for the 9/11 terror attack that brought the War on Terror to the forefront, had one overarching goal – to force America out of the Middle East and to allow his radical ideology to rule the Islamic countries.

It is beginning to seem that President Obama shares at least that same goal with Osama Bin Laden, as his foreign policy has done virtually that exact thing, removing American power and influence from the region and turning it over to various jihadi groups.

In fact, Obama’s singular achievement in foreign policy is that the “Middle East is in flames“, and Al-Qaeda, along with similarly minded jihadist groups, control more territory now than they ever did before.

Retired CIA operative and Middle East expert Clare Lopez sat down for an in-depth interview with WND, focused on Obama’s Middle East policies, as well as the current situations taking shape in the volatile region.

Lopez says that Obama’s policies have set up the Middle East to be divided between two warring factions of jihadis, both with the same goal of an Islamocentric Mideast, with zero American or Western influence in the countries they control.

The region would ultimately be split between the Sunnis and Shiites, with the Sunni’s controlling North Africa and Saudi Arabia, while the Shiites, under Iran, would rule over the entire Persian Gulf region, and the remainder of the Mideast.

Asked specifically about the current situation in Iraq, with the rise of ISIS and their slaughter of Christians and minorities, Lopez said, “Iraq doesn’t exist anymore. I liken it to Humpy-Dumpty. It’s fallen off the wall, and all the king’s horses and all the king’s men cannot put it back together again.”

Lopez then lists several things that America can still do in the region to protect US interests, although options are increasingly becoming limited.  She says America should protect it’s personnel and facilities in the region with either airstrikes or evacuation.  The US should provide humanitarian aid to persecuted minorities, and should stand by the few remaining allies in the region, specifically Israel and Jordan.  The US should arm and support the Kurds, and deploy Special Forces units that can keep an eye on developments and project American power, if necessary.

Lopez also points out that Syria is broken in much the same way as Iraq, and that efforts to arm the anti-Assad rebels were doomed from the start.  Virtually all of the groups that received arms and training from US assets in Jordan were linked in some way to radical Islamic groups, and have taken those arms and training to bolster the ISIS army.

Lopez is also convinced that Obama intends to work with Iran, and is actively handing over power and control in the region to them.  She believes Iran already has nuclear weapons capabilities, and will soon be able to reach the US with a nuclear tipped ICBM.

Furthermore, she points out that this acquiescence to the wishes of radical Islamic ideology isn’t necessarily coming just from the players in the Middle East, but from inside of the US government.  She notes that the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated all major Departments and agencies, not just under Obama, but dating back over the past few administrations.

This is partially why the Obama administration was so supportive of the Muslim Brotherhood’s short-lived rise to power in Egypt, and their overall support for the “Arab Spring” that stretched across North Africa and the Mideast.

She sees the Muslim Brotherhood as a great threat to the US, saying, “The Muslim Brotherhood is the vanguard of Islam and Islamic jihad. The forces of Islam, historically, have conquered every, single major civilization they’ve ever taken on, except for two. Western Civilization, or whatever’s left of it, and the Han Chinese. The Muslims have defeated the Buddhists, the Byzantines, Christianity in the Middle East, Jews in the Middle East, Hindus and the Persians. This includes huge, sophisticated civilizations.”

Lopez thinks the Reaganesque “peace through strength” is the best military policy, but warns against focusing solely on containing the threat of jihadists to the Middle East, since they are already here in America.  “They’re already inside the wire,” she said. “They’re already deeply embedded inside our own national security infrastructure. It’s no longer a question of manning the barricades and pointing outward. They are inside.”

This is scary stuff, and unfortunately seems too true, based on what we have witnessed over the past six years, regarding Obama’s policies in the Middle East.

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