October 27, 2021

Top Israeli Journalist: Barack Obama is on Side of Terrorism [VIDEO]

Top Israeli Journalist: Barack Obama is on Side of Terrorism [VIDEO]Barack Obama has opposed Israel during almost every step of their military operation to stop Hamas terrorists from continuing their assault on the Jewish nation.

Before Operation Protective Edge was even launched, Obama stressed “restraint” for the terrorists, and after ground troops moved in to Gaza with the sole purpose of destroying tunnel networks being used to infiltrate Israel, the president attacked them for civilian casualties.

The mainstream media has been fueling much of the global hatred for the country of Israel, painting them up to be the villain, when they’re simply trying to protect themselves from the continuous threat of rocket attacks.

Senior contributing editor of the Jerusalem Post recently spoke with conservative radio host Glenn Beck, where she had some strong words for the liberal media and Barack Obama specifically.

According to TheBlaze, Caroline Glick claims that the Obama administration has been siding with the terrorists in this conflict by calling for a “ceasefire,” which happens to award Hamas all of their demands.

“It’s not a glib statement. … Since the Hamas terrorists who run Gaza began their current round of assaults against Israel, with their missiles and with their attempted infiltration through their tunnels of death, the Obama administration has been pursuing a cease-fire that would abide by all of Hamas’ extortionist demands of Israel.”

“It’s very important for Americans to understand — whatever the rationale of the Obama administration — what they’re doing is siding with Hamas against Israel in this war.”

Glick went on to discuss the motivation for Hamas and other radical Muslim attacks on the Jewish nation, stating it’s never been about land, but a desire to prevent a Jewish state from being established.

“The reality is that none of the Arab conflict with Israel, the Islamic conflict with Israel, the Palestinian conflict with Israel has ever been about territory,” she stated. “It’s always been about a desire on the part of Israel’s neighbors to annihilate the Jewish state, to prevent it from even being established.”

This is the very mission that Barack Obama and other anti-colonialist liberals are supporting when they side with Hamas, whether they understand that or not.

Glick hits the nail on the head. Each time the president has taken action that in any way favors Hamas, he’s basically declaring support for terrorism, making it a legitimate form of political action, which it’s not.

President Obama should be ashamed of himself for favoring child murdering terrorists. He should apologize to Israel and publicly declare support for the Jewish nation in their fight against radical Islamic terrorism.

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