October 26, 2021

UNREAL: Eric Holder Tried to Cover Up This Video of Michael Brown Robbing a Store

UNREAL: Eric Holder Tried to Cover Up This Video of Michael Brown Robbing a StoreAttorney General Eric Holder’s Justice Department just doesn’t seem very interested in justice.

After Trayvon Martin was shot, DOJ officials–the same group now headed to Ferguson–were dispatched to Florida to incite protests that eventually led to the prosecution of a man then presumed, and later proven, innocent. Holder has barred religion from consideration in terrorist investigations, despite the fact that religion, specifically radical Islam, is the most common identifying factor. He has even denied documents to congressional investigators attempting to get to the truth surrounding Obama administration scandals.

Now a new report indicates that Holder’s department has once again attempted to conceal the truth from the American people.

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Fox News cites a CNN report that the Justice Department sought to prevent the release of a now-famous video of the man that even the Brown family lawyer says “appears to be” Michael Brown.

Brown, of course, is the teenager fatally shot by police in Ferguson, Missouri, and the center of the violent race riots and continuing tension there.

Local law enforcement agencies delayed the video’s release by one day because of the request, according to the report.

Apparently, Justice Department officials believed that the release of the video, in which Michael Brown appears to push a much smaller man by the neck during a store robbery, would “increase tensions in the community.”

Thus, truth is made subject to community relations by the Obama Justice Department.

The DOJ may have been absolutely right that releasing the video would increase tensions, but that’s not the point. The American people must be given the truth, regardless of what the government fears they might do with that truth.

In select cases involving national security or taxpayer privacy, the government should certainly withhold information from the People. But if the federal government is hiding truth from the American people simply because it fears their response, America has already devolved into tyranny.

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