October 21, 2021

WATCH: Judge Jeanine Exposes Obama’s Plan to Destroy America in Just 4 Minutes [VIDEO]

It should seem obvious by now that the border crisis was not some strange situation that popped out of thin air, but is a well orchestrated plan by President Obama and his cronies in the federal government.

His motivation for allowing thousands of illegals to pour into the country and preventing Border Patrol from doing their job to stop the madness is to change the outcome of elections by expanding the Democratic voter base.

The plan is a typical play from progressives. Create an emergency situation to justify grabbing legislative power, and then shove through mass amnesty, allowing illegals to stay here, work, and draw welfare benefits, turning immigrants into lifetime voters.

While Obama might think he’s slick, Americans are catching on to his grand scheme.

Red Flag News reports that Judge Jeanine Pirro, a Fox News contributor, has dismantled the president’s entire plan during a four minute segment on her television program.

Awesome. President Obama is putting Americans along the border and across the country at risk for political gain. Many of these illegals are members of gangs or violent cartels, and some have assaulted Border Patrol agents.

To freely allow these individual to come into the country and draw welfare benefits paid for out of taxpayer dollars is criminal. The president needs to set aside his agenda and start doing what’s best for the American people.

In regards to the border crisis, the moral thing to do is build a fence, deport illegals living in America, and provide adequate military patrols to help seal off the border. Of course, since the president seems to lack any sense of morality, it’s unlikely he’ll do much of anything that doesn’t in some way benefit his political agenda.

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