October 19, 2021

ALERT: Muslim Murderer Posted These Horrifying Pictures on Facebook That Prove He Was Waging JIHAD

Alton Nolen, also known as “Jah’Keem Yisrael” on Facebook, the individual who beheaded an Oklahoma woman and stabbed another at a factory where the three worked is appearing more and more likely to have been connected in some way to radical terror group ISIS, as new pictures emerge proving he declared Jihad on America.

Investigators have been digging through Nolen’s social media accounts, particularly Facebook, and have found tons of photographs that show the young Muslim’s support of radical Islamist causes and many posts that condemn America for it’s “sins,” something that likely inspired him to carry out the barbaric murder of his coworker and  declare war on the U.S.

According to the Daily Caller, many of the pictures Nolen posted to his account show him giving the ISIS salute, along with others declaring support for his “Muslim sisters,” which features radicalized females dressed in full black garb carrying weapons, as well as a cover photo of Taliban fighters. Nolen also posted grisly pictures depicting a beheading, citing the Koran, which says “I will instill terror into the hearts of the unbelievers: smite ye above their necks and smite all their finger-tips off of them.” Here are the frightening pictures he posted.

muslim sisters
islam dominate the world
taliban fighters


All of this evidence should clearly indicate that Nolen is a “lone wolf” terrorist who supports, and is likely part, of the Islamic State terror group, which means the very first ISIS attack on American soil has taken place. He’s a radical Jihadist who needs to be brought to justice. Period.

Radical Islam has proven itself time and again to be the greatest threat to civilized society in the world, which is why political correctness needs to be tossed in the trash can and aggressive military action needs to be taken to wipe out ISIS and leave no trace of them behind.

Along with this response, governments around the world need to work to defeat the spread of Islamic ideology to prevent more people from becoming radicalized and creating new groups for us to deal with. This is the only way to ensure the safety of Americans at home and abroad.