October 27, 2021

Gallup: Distrust in Executive Branch Nearing Nixon-Watergate Levels


A new Gallup poll finds Americans’ distrust in the Executive Branch just three points shy of the all-time low rating just months prior to President Richard Nixon’s resignation.

“After a sharp drop from last year, trust in the executive branch is the lowest it has been during President Barack Obama’s tenure, at 43%,” reports Gallup. “The historical low of 40% was measured in April 1974, months before Richard Nixon resigned amid the Watergate scandal.”

Gallup also finds that Obama’s approval rating is now just 41%.

The erosion of trust in the executive branch tracks with similar declines in trust in government more broadly.

“Americans’ trust in the three branches of the federal government is collectively lower than at any point in the last two decades,” Gallup concludes.