October 24, 2021

Megyn Kelly Releases Bombshell New Report on “Islamic State” Terrorists INSIDE the US [WATCH]

Megyn Kelly Releases Bombshell New Report on “Islamic State” Terrorists INSIDE the US [WATCH]A disturbing trend has begun to develop involving the recruitment of young Americans to fight for the radical Islamic group ISIS, which has beheaded several American reporters and is taking over northern Iraq.

Two Americans have been killed fighting side-by-side with Islamic State terrorists, both hailing from the state of Minnesota, which has suddenly become a hotbed for terrorist recruitment among Somali communities.

A 19-year-old Somali woman is the latest individual to try leaving the country from Minnesota to join ISIS, leaving many to wonder what exactly is going on there to encourage this type of behavior, deep in the heart of the U.S.

According to Western Journalism, Fox News host Megyn Kelly recently released a report stating nearly 30 Somali-Americans have attempted to fly to Iraq and fight with ISIS.

These individuals all attended the same mosque, the Al Farooq Youth and Family Center, which is the same mosque that gave 31-year-old Amir Meshal the boot earlier this summer for attempting to proselytize people with radical Islamic doctrine.


Obama’s lack of action to “nip ISIS in the bud,” has allowed the organization to not only get into the country, likely through the open southern border, but is enabling them to work and recruit young Jihadists right here on American soil.

Not only should the president start taking action to shut down the border to prevent these individuals from getting into the country, extensive investigations need to be carried out involving the mosque in Minnesota where all of these Americans are being converted to radical Islam. The operation then needs to be shut down, or else risk exposing thousands of people to potential terror attacks here and in Iraq.