October 19, 2021

‘People’s Climate March’ freak show invades New York – Marxists, idiots, and hypocrites on parade

New York is no stranger to infestation.  If you’ve spent ten minutes in the city, the odds are you’ve had some kind of run in with its legendary “cockroach and rat problem.” Over the weekend, though, the Big Apple faced a new sort of vermin – namely, Marxists, ex-hippies, Gaia worshippers, and at least one hypocrite movie star.

This weekend, you see, was “The People’s Climate March.” Thousands took to the streets of Manhattan to wander around, carry signs, and yap about how they want “climate justice.”

As usual with these sorts of events, the crowd was made up of a variety of different demographics.  There three big ones were hardcore Marxists, climate change true-believers, and elderly hippies who feel a need to glom on to whatever protest marches past their living room window.

Just like at the occupy protests; no one at this event really seems to know exactly what they want.  They only know that they don’t like what they have, and they’re damn sure not interested in whatever it is they think they’re about to get. What that is remains a mystery.

So, Reason magazine sent a microphone and camera out into the madness in an attempt to figure out just what the protesters were after. The results were about what you’d expect:

So they’re demanding something, they just can’t quite figure out what it is.

That’s probably not surprising, given that some of their favorite high-profile attendees can’t seem figure out if they’re protesters, or just a couple of globe- trotting, carbon producing, millionaire hypocrites.

Here’s a bearded Leonardo DiCaprio marching among the hoi poloi.

Leo is an expert on Arctic ice because he was murdered by an iceberg in a movie once. Recently, he’s more famous for his regular use of private jets and his World Cup trip aboard “Topaz.” It’s a $678 million dollar mega-yacht owned by Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates.

Remember, kiddies.  Carbon is bad unless it’s produced by your private jet, and oil is bad when it comes from Canada. UAE oil buys really big yachts on which you can party with supermodels, so that’s a different story.

Also milling about was paranoia-advocate and “climate change” profiteer Al Gore.

Al used to be famous for being a former Vice President and failed Presidential candidate. Then he had a brief career in science fiction films.  Lately, however, he’s better known for his decidedly “not-green” collection of mansions, which have an “inconvenient” tendency to rack up utility bills in excess of $30,000 a year. Just prior to his split from Tipper, the Gores owned four homes such as the one pictured below:

In fairness to Al, he evidently installed a couple or solar panels, and we’re sure they probably provide some percentage of the electricity required to heat that beautiful pool.

As always, we’re not suggesting that wealth is bad.  We like wealth. We’re big fans of success.  However, the fact is that these multi-millionaires are marching in an anti-capitalist rally while singing songs about the environment. …All while enjoying a lavish life of supposedly destructive private jets, mega-yachts, and multiple homes that consume enough power to light a small neighborhood.

The hypocrisy of their involvement is painfully obvious – but what else should should we expect from an environmental movement that can’t be bothered to pick up its own trash?
Somehow this doesn’t seem too green to me #trashoverload #climatemarch pic.twitter.com/vNaQsfmjo0