October 27, 2021

Russian Orthodox Church Activist Declares Putin is God


Editor’s note: The following excerpt of an article by Tom Balmforth was carried by Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty on September 08, 2014


MOSCOW — God is inside Vladimir Putin. A divine light transfixed Putin’s essence after his secret baptism as a child. We are not worthy of the Russian president.

These were a few of the tenets advanced by radical Russian Orthodox activist Dmitry Tsorionov (aka Dimitry Enteo) in a September 7 lecture that marked one of the more bizarre expressions of a many-faceted grassroots cult of personality surrounding Russia’s paramount ruler.

Enteo then takes us through the history of Putin’s apparent transformation from hard-nosed KGB officer to Orthodox Christian believer. “Putin realized that his goal in life was God, and the Almighty entered into the body of Vladimir Putin,” Enteo says. “Then Vladimir Putin began to do good deeds, like break up opposition meetings.”

Is Vladimir Putin the god of nature, or it can only be by the grace of them? Is it possible to worship as a god, Vladimir Vladimirovich on earth? What is the secret of a personal relationship between Vladimir Putin and transcendence of the Creator of the worlds? Is it true teaching of God Vladimir Putin? The answers to these and many other questions, you will learn by visiting our lecture that hold founder of social movement “God’s Will” and an expert in the field of metaphysical putinism – Dmitry Enteo. After the talk will be a roundtable discussion on the role of Vladimir Putin to strengthen spiritual braces Russian Federation, where each can to express their opinions.