October 24, 2021


As we embark in a war, which because of its location, history, and geopolitical complexity, makes the future outcome dubious, many pundits are expressing their opinion. It is a fact that the President has delineated a plan in which he has over-emphasized what he is not going to do, demonstrating the lack of leadership necessary to inspire other nations to follow us.

The criticism from military experts and members of the armed forces, current and retired, mostly on the tactics of the endeavor is warranted and illustrative. What I find somewhat disturbing are the recent ones coming from persons that were members of the government when some crucial decisions were made. Secretaries of State and Defense, Hillary Clinton and Leon Panetta both declared that they adamantly recommended to their Chief, Obama, to take measures in Syria and then against the so called Islamic State terrorists, that were rejected and if enacted could have avoided the recent conflict. General Petraeus also made the same recommendation, statement that President Bill Clinton did not hesitate to use in an attempt to distance his wife, a potential presidential candidate in 2016, from the now unpopular president.

Are we witnessing the beginnings of a political maneuver from the Clinton’s to distance them from Obama? It does make, we the people, wonder about the character of persons that played the “three wise monkeys” fable at a time when it was convenient, even if it represented a danger to our security, and now do not hesitate in “piling on”, on the criticism. And what to think of our top executive that ignored the advice of his top Generals and the Secretaries of Defense, State, and CIA Chief?
Not good in any fronts!