October 27, 2021


For many of you in the Legal Immigrants For America movement (LIFA), I share your frustration at the lack of knowledge or interest about what’s going on in our country demonstrated by many of our fellow Americans.

Asking people, supposedly intelligent, and well educated, what their thoughts are about our country’s present problems and what the solution would be, solicits the following responses: “Things are getting better”, “We’ve been through bad times before”, “Don’t worry, this is America, you have no reason to fear” or “It won’t happen here”. Needless to say, things are NOT getting better, but worse. We’ve never seen times like these before. Bad things can and are happening in America, and, finally, we cannot trust the politicians we have elected to represent our interests. They have lost touch with the American people and seem more interested in becoming entrenched in their political careers than to protect and defend our country.

The above are excuses. An excuse for not having been more proactive in protecting their freedoms. An excuse for having been naïve and believing what just a minority promoted as good when it was wrong. An excuse because they cannot bring themselves to acknowledge that, thanks to this generation, our children and grandchildren might inherit a different America. An America where the citizens will have fear of speaking up when they see what’s wrong, their lives full of indoctrination, rules, regulations and taxes. A life without the Constitution of the USA, which will be in a museum somewhere for people to go view, as they go to the Louvre in Paris, to see the Hammurabi Laws.

The enemies of America know and use against the people of America the fact that it is difficult for those who have been born in freedom and prosperity to empathize or even conceive the realities that exist in other countries. People are not born equal in many other countries, nor do they have the opportunities we have in this country. There is rampant poverty that all of the money in the world cannot cure. Tied in with the corruption and greed of governments, there is racial discrimination, class discrimination, hatred of Jews and Christians, and more.

We are still the shiny city on a hill and peoples from everywhere sacrifice and risk their lives to get here. Can we keep it that way?

Let’s look at Europe. If you have traveled through Europe it is sad and tragic to see monuments, castles, cathedrals and great structures of the past falling apart for lack of money to preserve them. Europe embraced socialism a long time ago and has gradually deteriorated in all respects. We inherited Christianity from Europe yet today few Europeans go to church. Their economy, vision and motivation for invention and creativity is low. If tomorrow tourism in Europe were to stop, many countries in Europe would go hungry.

They have lost the ability to defend themselves and the ability to pray as nations for most of their young are secular, atheists, or pagan and only remember the God of Abraham and Jesus Christ as a distant part of their history. This is the reason why Islam has had such tremendous success in propagating in their continent. The most difficult country to infiltrate being Russia. Not because Putin is a Christian or Jew, but because he considers Islam the competition for world dominance.

My objective in writing about the sad state of affairs in other countries is to emphasize the importance of our existence as members of LIFA for we are not only defending freedoms here in America but throughout the world.

This is a spiritual, moral, and cultural battle of ideas we are fighting and we have no choice but to win or have our exceptional way of life cease to exist in our planet.