October 17, 2021

URGENT: Here’s the Letter Hillary Clinton Wrote to a Radical Marxist [FULL TEXT]

As if being responsible for the death of four Americans and then trying to cover it up wasn’t enough to disqualify Hillary Clinton from running for president, along come documented letters from the former Secretary of State addressed to infamous radical Marxist Saul Alinsky.

Clinton first met Alinsky while attending college in 1968, writing a thesis paper about his views on community organizing. The relationship continued after the former first lady graduated and

attended law school, with much of the correspondence between the two being in the form of letters.

According to The Washington Free Beacon, the two letters point to Alinsky and his ideals having a deep impact on Clinton, shaping her political views and giving her a “zest” for community organizing. Here are the letters in their entirety.

Unbelievable. This is absolute proof that Hillary Clinton should not be allowed anywhere near the White House in 2016.

Saul Alinsky, famous author of “Rules For Radicals,” is a big government Marxist who wrote the playbook detailing strategies that many of today’s progressives like Clinton and Obama have been using to implement their freedom-hating agenda.

The connection, influence, and impact

Alinsky had on Clinton is evident, and since she holds to beliefs that are contrary to the ideals found in the Constitution, she should be disqualified from even being considered as a candidate.

If this part of her past is connected with her current behavior and her reputation for being a liar, it’s quite clear if she were elected she would simply pick up where Barack Obama left off, completely annihilating the republic. This must not happen.

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