October 19, 2021

Barack Obama’s incompetent presidency

Obama's approval rating 35 percent according to Reuters
Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Democrats and other supporters of Barack Obama are usually quick to put the wagons in a circle and ignore the president’s failures as if they are nothing more than policy disagreements. He came to the White House riding a whirlwind of excitement, claiming he was bringing “hope and change” to all Americans. Perhaps citizens should have asked for more detail concerning what kind of change he had planned. However, we can excuse the masses who voted for him in 2008, as he was simply in the right place at the right time to win the admiration of America and hoodwink voters. Of course, voting this man in for a second term is something for which there is little or no excuse.

There is no doubt in the minds of most Americans that Barack Obama will go down in history as an unmitigated failure in the role of President of the United States. Since 2008, he has led the country using a metric that even the advisers closest to him cannot seem to grasp. Whatever strategy he has followed, it has led him to make mistake after mistake, many of which will have long reaching repercussions for the American people. He has been arrogant and obnoxious when it comes to upholding the Constitution and working within the United States government system. We cannot blame all of this on inexperience, although a Senator who never once voted yay or nay, but rather said “present” when called upon for his vote is certainly inexperienced.

After six years on Capitol Hill he lacks a substantial amount of political wisdom and has never once attempted to reach across the aisle as he promised. He claims Republicans in Congress are difficult to work with, and evidently that is his excuse for ignoring an entire branch of government and essentially saying he will make the laws himself. Statements like that typically fall from the lips of dictators, not presidents in the free world.

For those who have been in a deep slumber for six years and need specifics, let’s look at the following decisions Obama has made during the unmitigated disaster of his presidency thus far:

• Forced America to accept an unconstitutional, socialist healthcare program or be fined

• Recognized Hamas as Palestine’s legitimate government

• Planned in advance to take unconstitutional executive action on immigration

• Failed our men in Benghazi by refusing them help (guess he didn’t get the memo in time) and intentionally lied about the attack stating it was nothing more than a bad reaction to a YouTube video, even though at the time he made the statement he knew it was a lie

• Supported environmental regulations that will cause thousands of coal miners to become unemployed

• Failed to give proper attention to the VA and IRS scandals that happened right under his nose

• Has a highly questionable commitment to eradicating terrorism, as nothing seems to ever change

•Has an incompetent security staff (yes folks, incompetence has a magnificent trickle-down effect)

• Only received daily intelligence briefings in person 41.2 percent of the time of his own free will

……and the beat goes on

According to recent polls conducted by Rasmussen and Reuters, most United States citizens believe that President B. Hussein Obama is the worst president of their lifetime. Thankfully, he will only be in power for another 18 months, but let’s face it, a lot can happen within that time frame. Unlike other individuals who realized their presidencies were abysmal failures, Obama is not laying low and just riding it out to the end. He is essentially shaking his fist at America, claiming that he will continue to make any decision and pass any law he sees fit until the day he leaves office. He has even stated that he will stay in DC after he is no longer president to ensure that his policies stay in place. Insert chuckle here. That’s not the way it works Mr. President….when your term ends…it ends.

Some people actually repeat this statement with fear in their voice. We have nothing to fear from Obama, folks. He is just a man, although a very arrogant, egotistical man with a Hitler complex. However, he cannot run around Washington like the boogie man wielding special, mystical powers once we have a new president. That’s not how it works, so let’s not attribute him with the characteristics of a god. That would be kind of silly.

Fortunately, 2016 will bring us a new crop of candidates, and hopefully a true conservative will emerge who can attempt to institute some damage control concerning some of Obama’s worst policies and disastrous decisions. Perhaps we will question the next individual who claims that he or she will bring change in order to discover whether that change will benefit America or if it will be Barack Obama-style change that will do nothing more than lead America to its doom. Let’s take a little time to do our homework next election before we rush in and push the button because somebody is “cool.”