October 15, 2021

BOMBSHELL: Obama Has SKIPPED This Basic Duty Nearly 60 Percent of the Time

BOMBSHELL: Obama Has SKIPPED This Basic Duty Nearly 60 Percent of the Time [DETAILS]One of the fundamental duties of the president is to keep America safe from threats both foreign and domestic, a job which requires the office holder to be well informed about what’s going on around the world, which is why intelligence briefings are held daily.

Unfortunately, President Obama, a man who seems to be devoid of common sense and decency, has been skipping out on over half of these critical briefings, attending only 41.3 percent of the meetings in his second term.  This certainly seems to explain his disastrous string of foreign policy debacles.

Breitbart is reporting that the Government Accountability Institute report detailing these disturbing statistics comes just days after Obama threw the intelligence community under the bus for “underestimating” ISIS and the situation in Syria, a comment which didn’t seem to sit too well with some of the administration’s national security staff.

“It’s pretty well-known that the president hasn’t taken in-person intelligence briefings with any regularity since the early days of 2009,” a national security staffer told the media.

The staffer went on to say “Unless someone very senior has been shredding the president’s daily briefings and telling him that the dog ate them, highly accurate predictions about ISIL have been showing up in the Oval Office since before the 2012 election.”

Enough is enough. It’s clearly time for President Obama to be given the boot, handed his pink slip, his office packed up and the box thrown to the curb.

Obama is willingly placing the American people at risk by skipping on out on these briefings, which means, for the most part, he’s making major decisions without the consultation of experts in the intelligence community. This madness absolutely must stop, and the only way for that to happen is for Congress to finally take action and impeach the president. Now.

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