October 19, 2021

Electoral Integrity is Once Again at Risk

As we approach the midterm election in November 2014 the issue of electoral integrity in Internet voting and the use of electronic voting machines throughout the nation comes once again into question. This writer has written in his recent book America in Decline (2014) and in many articles that there was widespread fraud in the presidential elections of 2008 and 2012.

Greg Gordon, an investigative reporter of McClatchy Washington Bureau, wrote an article entitled “Pentagon unit mum on 2011 Internet voting tests results” which was published in The Miami Herald on October 2, 2014. The reporter explained that on September 11, 2014 a non-profit organization called the Electronic Privacy Information Center has filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia demanding that the Pentagon publish the results of a study conducted in 2011 regarding the security safeguards of the Internet voting systems that are increasingly being used to cast absentee ballots. This Pentagon unit primary objective is to assist absentee voting by troops and other Americans living abroad.

This writer reported how the Pentagon, in violation of federal law, did not send in many cases the absentee ballots in time for the brave men and women of our Armed Forces who were fighting in Afghanistan and stationed in other nations abroad so they could participate in the 2012 presidential election. This was an outrageous action since the members of our Armed Forces were and still are fighting to preserve our Constitutional Republic and many of them were denied the fundamental right to vote. It is well known that a large portion of our military detest our weak and incompetent Commander-in-Chief who lives in the White House.

This writer believes that this was done deliberately by President Obama in 2012 since many members of our military lived in battleground states. Why is the Pentagon now refusing to release the results of the study done three years ago? Why is the Pentagon stating that it expects to release the study results in 2015? Is the White House involved in another cover-up?

There is absolutely no reason to delay sharing with the people of the United States the results of the Pentagon 2011 study. The conclusion of the Pentagon study should have been release time in for the 2012 presidential election and the 2014 midterm election. This action by the Pentagon, more than likely directed by the White House, does not pass the smell test.

Gordon pointed out that the Pentagon unit, the Federal Voting Assistance Program, has provided tens of millions of dollars in grants for the purchase of equipment that include Internet balloting options to many states. He explained that on the eve of another election in which at least 31 states plan to use some form of online voting, many cyber experts have warned for years that “Internet voting is an easy target for hackers who could tamper with or even fix election results.” Moreover, the federal government most important technology testing agency has also refused to endorse these Internet voting systems.

Gordon wrote that the Pentagon unit, Federal Voting Assistance Program, released a statement to McClatchy stating that it expects to release the results in 2015. The reason was that they “contribute to the larger, ongoing decision-making process” regarding the agency’s Congressional mandate to conduct a demonstration project on electronic voting. It also said “the test results are deemed pre-decisional from disclosure.”

Gordon explained the following: “The Pentagon unit said it conducted the tests for use by a separate agency, the U.S. Election Assistance Commission, which is attempting to set standards for Internet voting systems. But a shortage of appointed commissioners has stalled that agency’s progress, so the Pentagon agency said it is preparing to release the test results on its own (2015).”

This writer is asking why has the Obama administration failed to appoint commissioners to the U.S. Election Assistance Commission? Why have Republicans in Congress not denounce this action? Why have the established pro-Obama and complicit media and newspapers not written articles and editorials on the need to have transparent and fair elections?

Election fraud

During the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections there were major irregularities. In 2012 voters in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina reported that when they clicked Mitt Romney on the electronic voting machines, Barack Obama’s name appeared. In Ohio, two election judges were fired for allowing people to vote who were not registered to do so. Others in the same state said that, when they arrived at the precincts, they were told that they had already voted with absentee ballots, which they had not done.

In Ohio’s Woods County, 106,258 people were registered to vote in spite of the fact that only 98,213 were eligible. That was a discrepancy of 108%. In 21 of the precincts in Cuyahoga County, which includes much of Cleveland, people voted 100% for Obama. In 59 precincts in Philadelphia 19,600 votes were cast for Obama and not one for Romney. This is statistically impossible.

Even though these parts of Cleveland and Philadelphia are inhabited by African Americans, at the national level 93% of African Americans voted for Obama and 7% for Romney. It is strange that not even one vote was cast for Romney, even if it was done by mistake. The Ohio and Pennsylvania vote totals for Obama were, indeed, statistical miracles! In many states no voter identification is required in order to vote so undocumented individuals and felons are able to vote with impunity. In some states, one person can request multiple absentee ballots.

The Columbus Dispatch, a major newspaper in the swing state of Ohio, wrote prior to the 2012 presidential election that one out of five voters in Ohio were ineligible to vote. The Pew Center pointed out that millions of deceased people were registered to vote in the nation in 2012.

Smartmatic and Sequoia electronic voting machines

Alek Boyd, a Venezuelan reporter, stated that the software of the Smartmatic voting machines was used in the District of Columbia and 17 states during the presidential election of 2012. An incredible 34% of the U.S. voters used the software of the Smartmatic machines that are used in Venezuela to commit massive electoral fraud. Boyd has a most interesting website that includes a section on the history of Smartmatic and how the software of these electronic machines was first introduced in Chicago in 2006.

Another investigative journalist, Brad Friedman, who writes for his own blog, wrote an extensive article explaining that there is no electoral integrity in the United States. Like Alek Boyd, Friedman explained that Smartmatic, a Venezuelan electronic voting machine company secretly owned by the former dictator Hugo Chavez, purchased in 2005 the California-based Sequoia Voting Systems.
Smartmatic software was used by the City of Chicago and Cook County to run the 2006 election. It created a great controversy, especially when 15 Venezuelan technicians without work permits came to work in that election. This writer was told by a very well-informed Venezuelan that two members of the Cuban secret police came along disguised as Venezuelans to Chicago.

Lou Dobbs of CNN and U.S. Representative Caroline Maloney, Democrat from New York and Chairperson of the Committee on Foreign Investment, initiated an investigation over the purchase by the Venezuelan Smartmatic U.S. company Sequoia. Soon after Dobbs aired his interview with Representative Maloney, he was fired by CNN. To avoid a Congressional investigation, Smartmatic sold Sequoia to Jack Blaine, one of its executives.

This transaction should have raised immediately a red flag since it should have been obvious that the connections to Smartmatic remained. Much later, it was discovered that Blaine, who is the CEO and president of Sequoia, did not disclose that Smartmatic still retained legal ownership of the software and intellectual property of Sequoia. Blaine did not explain either that Sequoia owed money to Smartmatic.

Dominion Voting Systems

John Poulus and James Hoover founded Dominion Voting Systems in 2002 in Toronto, Canada and Poulus became its CEO. Dominion purchased Premier/Diabold and Sequoia and expanded its operations to every corner of the United States, including the state of New York. Computer experts have testified before Congress that all electronic voting machines are easily tampered. Election integrity will not return until all electronic voting machines are banned.

Direct Recording Electronic (DRE) voting machines tabulate votes by means of a touch screen. After the election, a DRE produces a tabulation of the voting data and is transmitted electronically. Computer hackers are able to change the results of any election. The District of Columbia and 13 states, including the swing states of Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia, use DRE voting systems and do not require verification of voter paper trail audits. Four other states, including the swing state of Colorado, use DRE and have optional voter paper trail audits. This is an outrage! There is no possible way to investigate election fraud.

In May 2010 Dominion Voting Systems purchased Premier Elections Solutions (formerly Diabold Election System) from Election Systems and Software. On June 4, 2010, Dominion purchased Sequoia. Currently Dominion, a Canadian private company as reported by two journalists, is still using the Smartmatic software that is used by the communist dictatorship in Venezuela to commit fraud in the elections of that country. CEO John Poulus stated the following after the acquisition of Premier: “We are extremely pleased to conclude this transaction, which…will allow Dominion to expand its capabilities and operational footprint to every corner of the United States.”

According to Brad Friedman, Dominion runs elections in approximately 50% of the jurisdictions of the United States since the company has expanded its operations after purchasing Diebold/Premier and Sequoia. It has contracts to provide electronic voting systems to 600 jurisdictions in 22 states.

According to the current website of Dominion Voting Systems, it has placed 100,000 electronic machines around the world and it has counted over 60 million ballots accurately. Dominion Voting System electronic machines have been deployed in over 25,000 precinct elections. The website emphasize that Dominion has also trained election employees in the use of their electronic machines which are reliable and accurate. But is this claim true?

It is well known to Congress, as a result of numerous testimony by computer experts, that all electronic voting machines can be easily tampered in less than a minute by introducing a virus. The computer virus will lay dormant until the day of the election and self destruct immediately after the polls close without leaving a trace. Additionally, the information from precincts to a larger computer can be captured and the results changed as it is being transmitted electronically.

Strangely, Senator John McCain received more votes in 2008 than Mitt Romney in 2012. McCain received more votes from Mormons than Mitt Romney, who is a Mormon. If people voted against Obama in 2008, after his failed presidency, why would less people come out to vote against him in 2012?

Was our election in 2012 free and fair? Probably not. It is hard to know whether the major irregularities gave a fraudulent victory to Obama. But it is certainly a very strong possibility since Obama, a former community organizer who follows Alinsky philosophy which supports that the ends justify the means, would do whatever is necessary to hold on to power. Of course, Attorney General Eric Holder did not investigate the election fraud of 2012, as he refused to investigate the thousands of fraudulent ballots that ACORN employees completed in 2008 in many swing states. The corrupt Holder, who recently presented his resignation to his friend Obama, stopped the prosecution of the members of the New Black Panther Party who intimidated white voters in Philadelphia. This outrage and injustice led to the resignation of an honest high official of the Justice Department.

The Department of Justice has done everything in its power to prevent states from passing voter identification requirements in order to facilitate election fraud. Texas and North Carolina passed laws requiring voter identification before casting ballots. The Justice Department sued these two states alleging that those laws discriminated against minority voters.

It is an outrage that the Justice Department is wasting money from taxpayers to fight states that under our Constitution and affirmed by the Supreme Court have the right to establish election requirements. President Barack Obama and his Attorney General Eric Holder have no respect for our Constitution or the rule of law. Both of them have been systematically dismantling our Constitution and its Bill of Rights and crushing our freedom and liberty. Obama and Holder need to be impeached by the House of Representatives. During the presidential election of 2012, an African-American woman proudly proclaimed how she voted several times for Barack Obama. Additionally, a person claimed that he voted in the District of Columbia using Eric Holder’s name to prove to the corrupt U.S. Attorney General the importance of requiring voters to present a picture ID.



It is quite obvious to this writer that the United States is at great risk of no longer being a democracy and that our electoral system has no transparency or integrity. We shall have no fair elections until all electronic voting machines are abandoned and internet voting is banned forever.

Until that day, our elections could be consider a farce and the results will always be suspected of being fraudulent! Congress must initiate an investigation of Dominion and its connection to Smartmatic as explained by Brad Friedman and Alek Boyd. I hope that what they bravely wrote and what others have pointed out is not accurate for the sake of our beloved country. Unfortunately, President Obama has been assaulting our Constitutional Republic for the last six years, so why would he respect our election system? Marxists around the world once in power want to remain in power forever or allow other Marxists to take over, if they must pretend to abandon power.

We are about to have a very important mid-term election. If the Republicans capture six Senate seats, they will have a majority in Congress. It looks as if this election will be close. By simply committing fraud in a few states, the Democrats will remain in control of the Senate. It was reported earlier that at least 31 states plan to use some form of online voting, and that many cyber experts have warned for years that “Internet voting is an easy target for hackers who could tamper with or even fix election results.” Moreover, the federal government most important technology testing agency has also refuse to endorse these Internet voting systems.
I have written several articles on how China is engaged in a cyber warfare against our nation. China had stolen our industrial and military secrets for many years and President Barack Obama has been unable to stop such attacks. They have penetrated our oil and gas pipes and the U.S. Navy receives 100,000 cyber attacks per hour. Is it not likely that China or another enemy country could also interfere in our election system? It is well known that China and Russia were delighted that our weak President Obama was reelected in 2012.

Both nations were terrified that Mitt Romney could win since he had taken a strong stand against those two nations. Unlike Obama who cut the Pentagon’s budget by 10% for the next 10 years, Romney wanted to increase significantly the Pentagon’s budget. It was obvious that both of these nation wanted Obama to win his reelection, especially after he sent the message to the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin that he needed “space” until his reelection when then he would be “flexible” with Russia.

Obama’s flexibility has been demonstrated in the weak sanctions that he has imposed upon Russia after the dictator Putin invaded Ukraine and sent weapons to pro-Russian rebels in the Eastern part of Ukraine. Additionally, Obama has refused to send not even one bullet or any other lethal aid to Ukraine, in spite of the fact that both Democrats and Republicans in Congress have demanded that the United States send weapons and lethal aid to Ukraine.

How is it possible that in 22 states and the District of Columbia our presidential and other elections are conducted mainly by a foreign company from Canada using Venezuelan software? How is it possible that Republicans in Congress do not investigate the electronic machines which have been proven to be easily tampered with software to add malicious codes or virus that alter vote totals to favor any candidate?

It is disgraceful that none of the investigative reporters of the established media, such as The Washington Post, The New York Times, or any of our television networks, have not bothered to expose this fraud and serious national security problem. Perhaps, the powers that be do not allow a competent journalists with integrity and who love our country to expose this diabolical scheme perpetrated against the American people.

This writer believes that this country will never have fair and transparent elections until every state in the United States require voter picture identification. It has been well documented that in states and the District of Columbia that do not require voter picture ID some people vote multiple times and commit election fraud. Additionally, all electronic voting machines regardless where they come from must be banned forever in our nation.

I intent to vote in November regardless of the likelihood of electoral fraud. We need to monitor each and every precinct in the nation to prevent fraud. We must demand that Congress initiate a comprehensive investigation on electronic voting. Lastly, we must demand that the 2011 Pentagon study be release immediately. Failure to monitor and investigate the integrity and transparency of our elections in the nation will result in the end of our Constitutional Republic and democracy in our beloved country. May God bless the United States of America!