October 14, 2021

Fox News reported ‘fake voting scandal’ is actually very real

Fox News falsely accused of reporting "fake" voting scandal in Colorado
Fox News falsely accused of reporting “fake” voting scandal in Colorado
Fox News Channel via YouTube


The far left news outlet MSNBC and others yesterday ran with the sensationalist story that Fox News supposedly reported a “fake voting scandal” involving the ability to create bogus ballots and have them count in Colorado in this year’s election. Other less scrupulous columnists on the far left then stretched this to a story of Fox News caught “lying” about the fake voting scandal, so-called. But don’t be so quick to believe this, as the far left is wanting to tell us that voter fraud doesn’t exist, somewhat like the days when tobacco companies used to tell us that smoking cigarettes doesn’t cause cancer and that more doctors endorsed Camels over other brands of smokes.

The story, as reported on by Megyn Kelly earlier this past week on her Fox New program, The Kelly File, is how the new Colorado election law makes it much easier for fraudulent voter registrations to be submitted and have ballots printed for them which can be filled out and filed as votes that will count.

“A new law has opened the door to possible voter fraud…” in Colorado, Kelly reported. She said the new law eliminates traditional polling places and would allow some voters to register on election day and print a ballot and vote. MSBNC and other falsely claimed this story itself was false, without providing any proof for their claim that is it false. They simply reported that claim. It turns out the claims about the new Colorado election law are not only true, but that the real story of this election law is far worse.

In other states, where same day voter registration is allows, say El Paso County Clerk Wayne Williams says the votes are filed as provisional ballots and are only supposed to be counted when the voter can be verified as eligible to vote. Williams points out, in this YouTube video he recorded, that the Colorado law allows a voter to register at any time up to and including election day and does not need to show a drivers license or any photo ID to register. All that is required is a copy of a utility bill, which can be easily duplicated or fabricated. He also demonstrates how someone can register multiple times using different ages and social security numbers and how there is no way for the system to flag those as duplicate voter registrations. And unlike the other states that allow same day voters registration and file those as provisional ballots, Williams said the Colorado law requires them to immediately count as legitimate votes. And yes, he also pointed out that the law eliminates polling places and requires counties to send all previously registered voters a ballot by postal mail, at considerable expense. That claim on the Fox News “fake voting scandal” story is also proved to be true.

Megyn Kelly pointed out how this combination invites and makes much more possible, massive levels of voter fraud. Wayne Williams of El Paso County, which includes the city of Colorado Springs, says the same thing in this video. The degree to which the Colorado election laws enables voter fraud is far worse than Megyn Kelly reported.

Now you know the truth. Fox News didn’t “lie” about a “fake voting scandal” in Colorado under this new elections law they have. Fox News told reported the truth, and it’s far left and highly unreliable MSNBC and others who lied to us about the voting scandal in Colorado that is very real. This is, once again, proof that we can’t trust the far left liberal media.