June 16, 2021


How many of you read the article on CNS News about Obama telling the Hispanic Caucus he “rode over” to an event from the White House with 2 illegal aliens, whom he called “dreamers”? If you read or heard about it, you probably did not celebrate it.

What country is Obama President of? Is it Mexico, Honduras, or El Salvador? He does not act like a president of this United States. He is certainly not thinking about We the People or of our future generation, whatever color or creed. It does not take a mathematical genius to know that the money invested in the illegals is money that we, the taxpayers of the US of America, natural born citizens and Legal Immigrants have paid into the Treasury.

His love of illegal aliens goes against his sworn allegiance to keep, defend, and protect the Constitution of the United States. We wouldn’t mind if he were giving these people his own money, or the money he would collect from his donors such as George Soros, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and other friends he has amongst the richest men on earth. Then, we would understand his “generosity”.

It is the fact that he is redistributing the wealth of our children and grandchildren that we find abhorrent. Our future generations will have an unsurmountable debt to pay in taxes. The country they’ll inherit where effort and hard work opened the door to success and accumulation of wealth and where opportunity for employment was readily available to all, will be history. In their America, they will have to compete unfairly with the children that are coming here today, who will get most everything given to them for free by our government.

Everything this president and his administration is doing is anti-Capitalist. In the 50’s The British founded the “Socialist Democrats International” and now it is the most prevalent form of government not only in Europe, but in many of our neighboring countries such as Mexico, Canada, Nicaragua and many more. Most seasoned Socialist, Marxist or Communist regimes are honest in defending their upside down philosophy and do not hide their repulsion towards Capitalism or for the United States of America.
Here, the Democrats obviously have, long ago, embraced Socialism. Neither they, nor the Media they control, will declare it in the open until they have destroyed all opposition. That is, historically, their strategy. It is their policies, their lies, their contempt for the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America that reveal the truth to us, the citizens.

This November let us take a stand and vote as many Democrats out of the Senate as possible. We should also vote out some of their Republican-in-name-only friends, and elect what the Bible recommends in Exodus 18:21 1) Able men 2) Men that fear God 3) Men of Truth and 4) Men Without Covetousness (or desire to retain power). Google their voting records.

After Obama’s election in 2008 he said on television: “I will fundamentally transform the US” and he is transforming us into a Socialist nation. The problem with Socialism, to quote Margaret Thatcher, is that eventually the country runs out of rich people and has to go down the line demanding more and more of our money in taxes. They end up distributing only misery and suffering.

The ones in control of government, who exempt themselves from the laws they pass, are assured immense wealth, and unlimited power. Tyranny, corruption, and godlessness is what the people get, the same we experienced in the countries many of us fled from.

Only the most courageous people will dare express disagreement with a socialist regime for fear of retaliation. The IRS scandal shows us the trend of intimidation in our deterioration and the need for us to speak up now.

Another tool the left uses in the elimination of dissent is socialized medicine. The elder Americans will protest as their country is being transformed. That’s when Obamacare will make it impossible for them to get the medical treatment they need to survive after age 75. This will be more apparent as Obamacare fully kicks in AFTER the election.
Last but not least, the majority of socialist countries historically eagerly open their doors to the Muslim extremists to help them get rid of, and terrorize Christians and Jews whom they hate. The extremists are more than happy to do the job, and religious persecutions ensues.

The good news is that some of us that have our eyes open, are multiplying quickly. We will continue to speak up in defense of the freedoms we came to enjoy: Freedom of worship, freedom of speech, freedom to pursue our happiness whatever that means. Continue to defend our exceptional Constitution, its laws, and demand that Congress do their job and make sure ALL obey it from the President down.

We will encourage other like-minded people (LIFA) to come together and resist the transformation of this country. We will peacefully fight for that legacy of freedom and prosperity for our children and grandchildren. No matter how hopeless it may seem, we have to remember the words from the Bible: “If God is for you, who can be against you?”