October 17, 2021


Like a marionette in the wind, a toy of the mighty

For many of us the latest revelations by Leon Panetta confirming prior statements by Hillary Clinton and Bob gates, all high officials in the administration were not unexpected. We have suffered through multiple crises, all seemingly surprising our leaders, followed by speeches, inaction, and cover-ups. “We the people”, are also responding as shown in the poor grades that the president receives in all the aspects of governing. The reality can’t be denied, the reason for such poor governance is what should be important. Inexperience, incompetence, poor advise, politics, are some of the causes speculated. Leon Panetta in his latest TV appearance made it crystal clear. Obama has received strategies, plans and ideas to solve many of the problems confronted by the Nation. In his many interactions, the prior CIA chief, and Secretary of Defense found the President knowledgeable, interested and with enough courage to make the tough decisions. In Panetta’s words, he then does not act as he should following the “political” side of the White House. There is only one conclusion. If he knows what to do, has strength to do it, but does not act under the influence of a few, then he is being manipulated.

It all fits. I have studied Obama’s earliest life, written by him and reliable sources. The personal story and being of someone that in only a few years went from an unknown community organizer in Chicago to become our first black president should be of great interest to all. I will limit myself to what is obvious. Our president did not have a stable childhood, lacking the necessary identification with an adult. Being of “mixed” race he felt out of sorts with both races. His low self esteem was compensated by narcissistic traits. This set of emotions is easily manipulated. His history points to a particular person, Valerie Jarrett, as the one that feeds his narcissism and pulls the strings of power.

Narcissists have such an elevated sense of self-worth that they value themselves as inherently better than others, when in reality they have a fragile self-esteem, cannot handle criticism, and often try to compensate for this inner fragility by belittling or disparaging others in an attempt to validate their own self-worth. (Encyclopedia definition).

Leaders presently and throughout history have ruled never admitting failure even if the ruins around them are obvious. Obama, in the latest manifestation of his lack of understanding of his policies claimed that the upcoming election should be a referendum on all his actions, at a time when all his Party candidates are running away from them. The actual control of our country lies on the hands of Jarrett and her cronies, and the actions taken are purposively destined to change our way of life into one controlled by the financially powerful 1%, and a progressive ( new name for Socialism/Marxism) government. To this end our values have been eroded, education taken over, military decimated, the poor made dependent not ambitious, and the middle class terminated. A strong, persistent and lengthy counter offensive is needed, utilizing the few check and balances that are still viable in our republic and the Constitution.

Fernando J. Milanes MD