October 26, 2021

Obama’s Tortured Odyssey: From Hope and Change to Ebola and ISIS!


Who would have imagined back in 2008 that the Barack Obama brand would be degraded and destroyed so thoroughly and in such quick order?

Barack Hussein Obama was hailed in the progressive media as a messianic figure with the charisma and power to alter reality with spoken words alone.  To liberals, Obama’s eloquent words and towering rhetoric were manna from heaven; albeit, sparse in substance, but so full of hope and promise for the abused and powerless, that the details could wait.

For now, The One was offering a rare beacon of light for those looking for a figure manifesting the best qualities of Jesus Christ and Michael Jackson in one entity, and presumably capable of delivering the much awaited and longed for booty.

He would, he promised, end the “mind set” that caused mortal men to choose war in response to political, religious, and social disputes. His was the way of diplomacy and talk, rather than bullets and blood.

When it came to jobs and economic prosperity, he promised to provide both by demanding equality for all. Government regulation, rather than free-market capitalism was, needed to redistribute wealth from the haves to the deserving have nots, regardless of inequities in God-given ability or desire.

By granting government the power to decide who should have what, and the power to seize private wealth as needed to assure economic balance as the state saw fit, he would simultaneously solve the problems of poverty and “immoral profits” in one stroke of genius.

With respect to religion, he saw Christianity as problematic at best. Which is why he chose to speak in Cairo, Egypt, in 2009, before an audience of Muslims, and declare definitively that America was “not a Christian nation” to the absolute horror of millions of devout Christians.

Once again, as with matters economic, the state knew best.

And so it was that Barack Obama pursued his agenda which called for the “Transformation” of America to fit his warped vision of right and wrong.

Years later, all of his Utopian dreams have turned into nightmares for the American people.

Indeed, Barack Obama’s mantra of “Hope and Changed” has delivered Ebola and ISIS to the American people.

On November 4, we the people can vote out the brain-dead Democrats who have supported Obama’s unconstitutional and immoral plans to destroy America, and who have been his “partners in crime” against freedom and liberty!