October 24, 2021

Poll: Overwhelming Majority of Americans Consider Islamic Extremism a Threat to America

Although President Obama won’t classify the Islamic State as “Islamic,” the vast majority of Americans believe radical Islamic terror is a direct threat to the United States according to new polling from Rasmussen Reports.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 86% of Likely U.S. Voters now consider radical Islamic terrorism a threat to the United States. That’s up 11 points from January. Twelve percent (12%) disagree. This includes 50% who say this terrorism is a Very Serious threat and only three percent (3%) who feel it is Not At All a threat.

These numbers come after two terror attacks in Canada in the past week, as ISIS continues its march in the Middle East and after more than a dozen so-called “lone-wolf” homegrown terror attacks in the United States in recent years. Most recently, an Islamic man attacked two New York Police officers with an axe, teenager Brenden Telvin was murdered by an Islamic radical in New Jersey and a woman was beheaded by a recent convert to Islam in Oklahoma.

Americans recognize the fact that Islamic terrorism is a threat, it’s a shame the Obama administration doesn’t do the same.