October 16, 2021

Polls Indicate Republicans Will Likely Take Over the Senate

VOTE-FOR-AMERICAThirty-six Senate seats are up for grabs on the ballot in November 2014. Twenty-one of them are held by Democrats and 15 by Republicans. The Republicans need a net gain of six seats to take control of the Senate.

Rasmussen Reports wrote an article titled “What America Thinks: Election Update” on October 17, 2014. It reported that Alaska, Arkansas, Iowa and Louisiana are all Toss-Ups. However, as the midterm elections are approaching these four Senate seats appear to be moving in favor of the Republican candidates.

Republican Joni Ernst has edged slightly ahead of Democrat Bruce Braley in Iowa. She now leads 48% to 45%. Republican challenger Dan Sullivan has an identical 48% to 45% lead over Democratic incumbent Senator Mark Begich in Alaska. In Arkansas, Republican challenger Tom Cotton still holds a narrow three-point advantage over Democratic incumbent Senator Mark Pryor, 47% to 44%. In all three states, the Republicans have wider leads among those likely voters.

In Louisiana, incumbent Democrat Senator Mary Landrieu remains short of the critical 50% plus one she needs. If no candidate gets a simple majority on Election Day, the top two vote-getters proceed to a December 6, 2014 runoff. Right now, Senator Landrieu leads Republican Congressman Bill Cassidy 41% to 38%, with several other candidates in the race. If it is a runoff election between Senator Landrieu and Cassidy, however, the Republican posts a 52% to 43% lead.

Kelly Cohen wrote an article entitled “Poll: Likely voters want GOP-led Congress” which was published in the Washington Examiner on October 19, 2014. She explained that according to a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News/Annenberg poll likely voters prefer Republicans to take over Congress over the Democrats 49% to 44%. Registered voters — a larger group than likely voters — also said they would prefer Congress to become led by Republicans, 45% to 43%. This favoring of Republicans is a first since the poll began asking about it five weeks ago.

There are over two weeks to go before the midterm elections, and Republicans look as if they are going to win sufficient seats to take charge of the Senate. But a lot can still happen, and there is the question whether the elections are going to be honest and transparent. As I have written before, there was massive fraud in the presidential elections of 2008 and 2012.

Kelly Cohen wrote that the number of voters who think the nation is headed in the right direction remains below 30% and just 34% believe that America’s best days are still to come. Consumer and investor confidence remain low and the stock market has posted losses across the board. Only 35% think their home will be worth more next year.

Republicans have geared much of their campaign strategy on ObamaCare which remains just as unpopular as ever. Meanwhile, the number of voters who say their health insurance coverage has changed for the worse because of Obamacare continues to increase. President Obama job approval is down and he has become toxic for Democrats. Those that are running for reelection or open seats do not want the president to campaign with them.

Democrats’ hopes of defeating Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell appear to be fading fast. Recent polls indicate that Senator McConnell has now crossed the 50% mark in his bid for reelection in Kentucky.

Sabato: GOP has ‘strong

Last week Larry Sabato and his University of Virginia political team predict that the Republicans are likely to win the Senate. Larry Sabato said in his weekly Crystal Ball report that “It is indisputable that Republicans will have more critical victories to celebrate than Democrats when all the ballots are counted, and they have a strong and increasing chance to control the next Senate.” However, Sabato has reworked his findings and put more states into the leaning Republican category, but noted that the Republicans could still be one seat shy of winning an outright majority of 51.
Sabato stated the following: “Our projection remains a five-to-eight seat Republican gain in the Senate, and with less than three weeks to go, we would much rather be holding the cards Republicans have been dealt versus the ones dealt to the Democrats as both sides play for a Senate majority. Despite the likelihood of two runoffs, it’s not impossible to imagine the GOP having a good enough night that they get to 51 seats without Georgia or Louisiana: That would mean holding all of their present seats (minus Georgia, at least on Election Day) and capturing (in order of least to most GOP difficulty) Montana, West Virginia, South Dakota, Arkansas, Alaska, Iowa, and Colorado. That would represent a great night for the GOP, and they have at least a decent chance in all seven races (North Carolina could be the eighth).”


It appears that according to most polls that the Republicans are likely to win the Senate. However, electoral integrity is once again at risk. As we approach the midterm election in November 2014, the issue of electoral integrity in Internet voting and the use of electronic voting machines throughout the nation comes once again into question. I have written in my recent book America in Decline (2014) and in many articles that there was widespread fraud in the presidential elections of 2008 and 2012.
I reported how the Pentagon, in violation of federal law, did not send in many cases the absentee ballots in time for the brave men and women of our Armed Forces who were fighting in Afghanistan and stationed in other nations abroad so they could participate in the 2012 presidential election. This was an outrageous action since the members of our Armed Forces were and still are fighting to preserve our Constitutional Republic and many of them were denied the fundamental right to vote. It is well known that a large portion of our military detest our weak and incompetent Commander-in-Chief who lives in the White House. I believe that this was done deliberately by President Obama in 2012 since many members of our military lived in battleground states.
Greg Gordon, an investigative reporter of McClatchy Washington Bureau, wrote an article entitled “Pentagon unit mum on 2011 Internet voting tests results” which was published in The Miami Herald on October 2, 2014. There is absolutely no reason to delay sharing with the people of the United States the results of the Pentagon 2011 study. The conclusion of the Pentagon study should have been release time in for the 2012 presidential election and the 2014 midterm election. This action by the Pentagon, more than likely directed by the White House, does not pass the smell test. Why is the Pentagon now refusing to release the results of the study done three years ago? Why is the Pentagon stating that it expects to release the study results in 2015? Is the White House involved in another cover-up?
It is well known to Congress, as a result of numerous testimony by computer experts, that all electronic voting machines can be easily tampered in less than a minute by introducing a virus. The computer virus will lay dormant until the day of the election and self destruct immediately after the polls close without leaving a trace. Additionally, the information from precincts to a larger computer can be captured and the results changed as it is being transmitted electronically.

The Department of Justice has done everything in its power to prevent states from passing voter identification requirements in order to facilitate election fraud. Texas and North Carolina passed laws requiring voter identification before casting ballots. The Justice Department sued these two states alleging that those laws discriminated against minority voters.

We are about to have a very important mid-term election. If the Republicans capture six Senate seats, they will have a majority in the Senate. Republicans will keep control of the House of Representatives. By simply committing fraud in a few states, the Democrats will remain in control of the Senate. It was reported by Greg Gordon that at least 31 states plan to use some form of online voting, and that many cyber experts have warned for years that “Internet voting is an easy target for hackers who could tamper with or even fix election results.” Moreover, the federal government most important technology testing agency has also refuse to endorse these Internet voting systems.

How is it possible that Republicans in Congress do not investigate the electronic machines which have been proven to be easily tampered with software to add malicious codes or virus that alter vote totals to favor any candidate? I believe that this country will never have fair and transparent elections until every state in the United States require voter picture identification. It has been well documented that in states and the District of Columbia that do not require voter picture ID some people vote multiple times and commit election fraud. Additionally, all electronic voting machines regardless where they come from must be banned forever in our nation.

I intent to vote in November regardless of the likelihood of electoral fraud. We need to monitor each and every precinct in the nation to prevent fraud. We must demand that Congress initiate a comprehensive investigation on electronic voting. Lastly, we must demand that the 2011 Pentagon study be release immediately. Failure to monitor and investigate the integrity and transparency of our elections in the nation will result in the end of our Constitutional Republic and democracy in our beloved country. May God bless the United States of America!