October 24, 2021


Once the controls are in place, Communism always has a purge. This time, it will take place in the United States, in the form of geriatricide clothed as healthcare. The Boomers will be purged to make room for the immigrants, as soon as possible! After all, Boomers are the last obstacle to the globalist agenda.

EZEKIEL EMANUELObamacare may be named for Obama, but he is the PR person, not the architect. That notoriety goes to Ezekiel Emanuel (Auerbach). Ezekiel Emanuel, Obama’s deathcare czar, is the author of Obamacare. He is the advocate of death panels, a subject that has absorbed his thinking for at least 13 years, perhaps his entire career.

Auerbach is the family’s actual name, hence the term Auerbachcare.

Auerbachcare is all about death, death planning, and death counseling, not healthcare. Auerbachcare already terminates cancer treatments at age 70 and severely limits what Medicare pays for CT and MRI scans performed in doctor’s offices. Now, Ezekiel is publicly promoting mandatory death at age 75 (see attached article). Thus, if you’re lucky enough to escape cancer, you won’t escape Emanuel’s deathcare. It is murder at an individual level, and genocide when considered in its full scope.

Make no mistake. Your life is on the line.
Emanuel aims to purge the Baby Boomers by age 75.
Read on.


Ezekiel’s so-called “research” papers are more accurately called “advocacy” papers, where the only research conducted is that which helps achieve the desired outcome. Here are a few of his papers, followed by a discussion of what they mean.

o March, 2001 Assisted Suicide and Cancer
o December 21, 2002 Death and Dignity
o January 31, 2009 Principles fo Allocating Healthcare
o July 26, 2009 DuBord’s article
o October 14, 2014 Death at Age 75 (also attached)

Is Healthcare A Limited Resource?

Ezekiel’s basic premise is healthcare is a limited resource, and therefore must be allocated…according to centrally controlled policies.

But is healthcare a limited resource? If not, his proposals are without merit.

Under a capitalist society, supply rises to meet demand. The constraint is the ability of people to pay for their own healthcare. So why not argue for reduced costs and increased supply rather than rationing?

The answer, I believe, is that Ezekiel shares the Communist view everyone should receive healthcare, irrespective of ability to pay. That produces near-infinite demand and therefore a supply constraint, because payers eventually rebel and the economy can afford only so many freeloaders.


He accepts euthanasia, even intentional active euthanasia (murder), and physician-assisted suicide. However, he concludes society does not accept them, based on the experiences of the Netherlands and Oregon. To Ezekiel’s way of thinking, that’s too bad. He wants more people to die a planned death.

Given his constrained supply theory, Ezekiel then coldly considers the logic of various deathcare proposals that would determine who lives and who dies.


Ezekiel rejects natural death. He wants Men to decide, not God. To his way of thinking, planned death is logical. Natural death is illogical, and therefore to be abandoned at the earliest possible date.

Ezekiel rejects personal choice. He would give patients and doctors no say. Decisions would be made according to centrally planned and enforced algorithms. Your ability to afford healthcare would not qualify you to get it.

Ezekiel rejects paying respect to those who gave us life and prosperity―our parents and grandparents.

Ezekiel rejects citizenship. Healthcare would be funded by those that can pay, but allocated to those who qualify, irrespective of citizenship or ability to pay. His goal, therefore, is to redistribute the money and healthcare from those who can pay, to those who can’t or won’t. From Medicare to Medicaid.

Ezekiel likewise rejects healthcare allocations based on 1) sickest first, 2) youngest first, 3) saving the most lives, 4) saving the most life years, 5) saving the most important, 6) saving those who contributed most, 7) maximizing quality-adjusted life years, and 8) maximizing disability-adjusted life years.


Ezekiel’s proposal is a “Complete Lives System:” 1) full healthcare to those age 15-40, 2) less to infants and children, and 3) the least to the elderly. He wants people to die after living a complete life, healthy or not.

Doctors and patients would have no choice. They would be mere implementers of centrally-planned deathcare policies.

Life would be allocated based on economic benefit. His proposal makes perfect sense from the perspective of central bankers. If loan decisions are to be based on best return, and land financed based on best available use, why not maximize the final return of “human resources”―of life itself? This, of course, is the treatment given slaves and animals.


Ezekiel wants to not only continue, but expand euthanasia, forced euthanasia, and doctor assisted suicide. But to do that, he realizes the discussion must be rephrased in more favorable terms―from geriatricide (a term I’ve coined for the genocide of the elderly) to “death with dignity.” He believes the masses will buy into that. His goal, therefore, is to obtain the voluntary support of “deathcare row inmates”, or failing that, at least the support of the majority―so that murder and genocide become the fulfillment of a societal benefit.

The PR campaign has already been begun. Here is an example in which an attractive young woman―that could be your daughter, sister, girlfriend, or niece―has chosen planned death. Her heart-wrenching but otherwise obscure personal situation is being used to widely promote the concept of planned death. Once sold, the practice could and would be rapidly expanded across the general population. (Remember how constraints on free speech were legitimized by making it illegal to yell “Fire” in a theatre? Once a hole is made, the proverbial dike eventually falls.)


Ezekiel reminds me of James Paul Warburg, the son of Paul Warburg, the author of the fraudulent Federal Reserve System:

“We shall have World Government, whether or not we like it.
The only question is whether World Government
will be achieved by conquest or consent.”
– James Paul Warburg, speaking before the U.S. Senate
February 17, 1950

Like world government, will we have geriatricide, whether or not we like it? And if so, by consent or by force?


Ezekiel Emanuel comes from quite the family.

Rahm Emanuel (link) is his brother. Rahm was Obama’s first chief-of-staff, and had a great deal to say in influencing the administration’s appointments, czars, direction, and decisions. He left to succeed Richard M. Daley as Chicago’s major. He was replaced as Obama’s chief-of-staff by William M. Daley, Richard’s brother. Pretty cozy, huh? Recall that Chicago has been under the control of the Rockefeller family ever since the days when John D. Rockefeller Sr. built the Standard Oil monopoly using kickbacks, bribes, and other highly illegal methods. Also recall the University of Chicago is a private school, not a public one, largely funded by the Rockefellers and friends, and counts among its alumni Saul Alinsky (Rules For Radicals), David Axelrod, and Paul Wolfowitz. Furthermore, the University of Chicago instituted its Common Core curriculum in the 1930s (search this Wikipedia page for “common core”).

Ari Emanuel (link) is another brother. He is described as a “21st century Hollywood mogul,” and exercises a great degree of control over who (and thereby what ideas) can become famous, and what films/topics get produced. He also has the distinction of being the one to call on Hollywood to railroad Mel Gibson. You remember Mel? He’s the one that has been removed from the public eye.

Benjamin Emanuel (link) is the father. Interestingly, his Wikipedia bio was removed when Rahm became Obama’s chief-of-staff. Benjamin Auerbach was a member of the Zionist terrorist group called the Irgun, another being the Stern Gang. After moving to Palestine, these immigrants secretly armed and trained themselves into paramilitary units that gave birth to Israel by massacring the indigenous Palestinian people at Deir Yassin. It was so brutal, other peaceful and unarmed Palestinians fled in terror from their homes and villages, and the planned conquest thus succeeded. The routed Palestinians ended up in concentration camps along the Jordanian border, where they remain four generations later because they have been denied the right of return to their native lands. The strategy is a repeat of Moses’ strategy to conquer Canaan by the extermination of men, women, children, babies, and even animals at Jericho and several other villages.


Unless countered, I project mandatory death will become policy. Do not simply read this information then forget it. I cannot over-emphasize the absolute necessity of taking it seriously. Ezekiel Emanuel is not operating in a vacuum. Rather, he is point man for the healthcare aspects of the New World Order establishment. Once the controls are in place, Communism always has a purge. This time, it will take place in the United States, in the form of geriatricide clothed as healthcare. The Boomers will be purged to make room for the immigrants, as soon as possible! After all, Boomers are the last obstacle to the globalist agenda.

Kirk MacKenzie