October 24, 2021

2014 Election: Obama´s Failed Policies Are Rejected by the Nation

The Obama socialist agenda is rejected

2014- NY POSTJohn Solomon wrote an election analysis which was published by The Washington Times  on November 5, 2014. Solomon explained the following: ” Americans spoke with a vengeance on Election Day 2014. They no longer trust big government to solve their deepest worries. They’re tired of the war on women narrative, too. They still want their economy fixed and don’t mind their governors taking on public unions, either.”

President Obama received the biggest rejection of his presidency, reversed the gains Democrats made just a few short years ago in states such as Iowa and Colorado. Republicans now have the full control of Congress. Americans expect more action in Washington on the issues that matter to them, and a better economy by the next time they vote in 2016.

Republicans won at least seven seats in the Senate. However, three races are still outstanding, in Louisiana, Alaska and Virginia which could increased their numbers in the Senate even more. Republicans increased their numbers by 12 in the House of Representatives to expand their majority beyond their post-World War II record of 246 seats set in the 1946 election. They also captured 24 governorships.

Republican House of Representative Majority Kevin McCarthy spoke on television as the votes were still being counted to urge a joint retreat of House of Representatives and Senate Republicans to ensure they develop a single message and agenda. He said “It’s the first thing we should do.”

Solomon explained that by a wide margin, Americans declared the economy still broken and their confidence in big government disappeared. Only one in five said they trusted government to make the right decision.

Congressman Paul Ryan, from Wisconsin and Republican nominee for vice president in 2012, said “It’s the incompetence of big government that voters are responding to.” On November 5, 2014 Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus stated the following: “It was a historic night at every single level. This was all about a direct rejection of the Obama agenda.”

At the state level, Republicans will more aggressively advance their legislative agenda. They won the heavily Democratic states of Maryland, Illinois and Massachusetts.

Fox News reported that Luis Fortuno, former Puerto Rico governor broke down the legislative numbers. He said the Republican  Party is on course to hold between 67 and 69 legislative chambers – up from the previous high of 64. Fortuno explained that they also are on track to eclipse the prior GOP high of 4,001 state legislative seats (held in 1928). Among the chambers picked up were the Nevada Senate and Assembly; New Mexico House; New Hampshire House; and Colorado Senate.

Fire Joe Garcia campaign succeeds

The Miami-Dade Republican Executive Committee prepared and distributed signs that said “Fire Joe Garcia” in an effort to defeat the Cuban American Congressman who had stated that “communism works” and who was recorded in a video picking his ear and eating his own wax during a hearing in the House of Representatives. Many volunteers knocked on doors and made telephone calls to oust Garcia. The National Republican Party was also determined to win back the 26th congressional district seat which had been previously held by Republican David Rivera. Carlos Curbelo, a Miami-Dade County School Board member won the 26th congressional district, which extends from  Westchester to Key West, with 52% of the vote to Joe Garcia’s 48%.

Patricia Mazzei, Christina Veiga and Daniel Chang wrote an article entitled “In GOP pickup, Miami Rep. Joe Garcia loses to Carlos Curbelo” which was published on The Miami Herald on November 5, 2014. They explained that Carlos Curbelo took the stage yesterday and stated the following: “Tonight begins the work of giving the people of Florida’s 26th congressional district the honest and effective representation we need. We are celebrating an electoral victory, but we cannot forget that the American people remain frustrated and disillusioned with their government. Here in our community, and throughout the country, Americans are seeking leaders who will put the cause of a stronger, greater nation before their personal political interests.”

The reporters said that Joe Garcia after learning that Curbelo defeated him,  stated to his supporters the following:“I just talked to Carlos Curbelo, and I congratulated him on his victory, It does not appear we’re going to make up ground. … This year was not a good year for Democrats.”

Staff Members of Congressman Joe Garcia were Involved in an election scandal which hurt his reelection

Joe Garcia was tainted by the conviction of his former chief of staff, who served 65 days in jail for being involved in an unlawful online absentee-ballot request scheme in the 2012 election. Additionally, Garcia’s 2010 campaign is under federal criminal investigation over a suspected straw candidate.

On May 31, 2013 investigators from the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office served search warrants at the homes of Giancarlo Sopo, age 30, and John Estes, age 26. The investigators removed computer equipment from the homes of these individuals. Giancarlo Sopo is the Communications Director of Congressman Joe Garcia, Democrat from South Florida. John Estes was Joe Garcia´s campaign manager.

Soon after the search warrants were executed, Jeffrey Garcia, age 40, Congressman Garcia’s Chief of Staff and top political strategist, suddenly resigned. Apparently, Jeffrey Garcia assumed responsibility for a phantom absentee-ballot fraud that took place before the August 14, 2012 Democratic primary for the Congressional District 26.

Interestingly, Congressman Joe Garcia used the same comments as President Barack Obama with respect to the many major scandals involving his government. That is, both stated that all these events were news to them, that they had never heard of them before, and that it took them by surprise.

The Miami Herald wrote a series of articles indicating that there were hundreds of fraudulent absentee ballot requests for the August 14 primary election involving the  26th Congressional District of Joe Garcia. The Miami Herald discovered that many of these fraudulent absentee ballot requests originated from Internet protocol addresses in Miami and others were from foreign Internet protocol addresses.

If large numbers of absentee ballots are collected in an election with a poor voting turnout, these absentee ballots could easily determine the winner. Under state of Florida elections laws, only voters or their immediate family members or legal guardians may request absentee ballots for them. This violation is considered a third-degree felony. However, using the private information of an individual, as required in online ballot-request forms, is a more serious crime. The latter is considered a first-degree felony.

Joe Garcia’s Chief of Staff Jeffrey Garcia and top political strategist implicated in phantom absentee-ballot requests scheme was convicted and went to jail for 65 days. Jeffrey Garcia is still under federal investigation over the suspected ringer candidate in the 2010 election. Carlos Curbelo denounced this horrible scandal in television ads and brought it up in various debates with Garcia.

Who is Congressman Joe Garcia and who are his financial supporters?

I worked against Congressman Joe Garcia reelection because he stated that he thinks that “communism works” and has made other statements of his liking for the Cuban revolution. Congressman Garcia is in favor of lifting the embargo and recognizing Cuba diplomatically. Joe Garcia is supported by billionaires and millionaires who would like to do business in Cuba even though that will strengthen the oppressive and bloody regime of Raúl Castro. These individuals are very powerful since THEY ARE MEMBERS OF THE BILDERBERG GROUP, THE TRILATERAL COMMISSION AND THE COUNCIL OF FOREIGN RELATIONS AND ARE WORKING TO LIFT THE EMBARGO UNILATERALLY AND RESTORE RELATIONS WITH CUBA. Of course this would not help to bring democracy in that unfortunate island.

Communism works

U.S. Representative Joe Garcia was speaking about the low crime rate in border cities, such as El Paso Texas, which have lots of federal immigration employees as proof that “communism works.” Garcia was speaking at a Google hangout last week to discuss comprehensive immigration reform with supporters. He was criticizing many Republicans who like to spend money for border security when he said the following: “Let me give you an example, the kind of money we´ve poured in, so the most dangerous, sorry, the safest city in America is El Paso, Texas. It happens to be across the border from the most dangerous city in the Americas, which is Juarez. Right? And two of the safest cities in America, two of them are on the border with Mexico. And of course, there’s reason is we´ve proved that communism works. If you give everybody a good government job, there’s no crime.”

How could a Cuban American member of the House of Representative made such a horrible statement? He is a disgrace to many anti-communists from Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, and other countries who have Marxist presidents who drove them to seek freedom in the United States.

Who are the financial supporters of Congressman Garcia?

Javier Manjares, a reporter for Shark Tank, wrote on May 21, 2014 that some of Congressman Garcia’s biggest campaign donors are in the travel industry which support President Obama’s easing of restrictions to the island of Cuba, and so does Garcia. It is well known that the Cubans who operate the travel agencies in South Florida that send tens of thousands of Cubans to the oppressed island work closely with the tyrannical and sanguinary Communist regime in Cuba. The millions spent from those who travel to Cuba, some of them as tourists, are supporting financially the oppressive regime of Fidel and Raúl Castro.

There are others well known individuals who supported the reelection of Congressman Garcia since they also want to lift the embargo, recognize Cuba diplomatically by the United States, and do business in Cuba. These individuals do not care if by doing so they and the United States government will be helping to give oxygen to the oppressive and sanguinary regime of the Castro brothers.

They are part of the group that would like to make Cuba a China in the Caribbean and enrich the high officials and the generals of the Communist Party in Cuba as well as their own businesses. It is important to evaluate a candidate looking at his financial supporters. Among the members of this group are the following:

George Soros, who supports all radical groups in the nation as well as Barack Obama, gave together with his family $7,800. Former cabinet officer of the Clinton administration and president of University of Miami Donna Shalala contributed $5,000.

The billionaire Alfonso Fanjul and his family contributed $17,000. Lawyer Alfredo Durán gave $2,000. Art dealer businessman Ramón Cernuda, who travels to Cuba frequently to buy paintings cheaply and sell them in the United States at high prices, gave $5,000.

Wealthy businessman and a member of the Cuban American Foundation, which fundraises for President Obama, José Costa contributed $2,000. A member of the Council of the Americas Christopher Sabatini donated $1,600.

Congressman Garcia has also backed the Havana research institute´s efforts of seeking approval in the United States to test and market drugs made in that communist country. Manjares reported that back in 2010 when Garcia was speaking to Castro-friendly supporters he stated that “I support the revolution very strongly, very passionately… I love Fidel like my father, and I believe he loves me like a son.”


The November 2014  mid-term election was a direct rejection of the Obama agenda and his failed domestic and foreign policies. President Obama received the biggest rejection of his presidency. In my opinion, Obama will continue to pursue his failed socialist domestic agenda and he will continue to violate the Constitution by issuing executive orders. The president had announced that he will provide amnesty to several millions of undocumented immigrants bypassing unconstitutionally the Congress. Obama’s many crimes committed in the six years in power thus far have not brought an impeachment. However, if after this immense rejection at the polls, Obama continues to step over the Constitution and ignore Congress, it could force the House to take this action.

Congressman Joe Garcia was defeated due his election scandals and his remarks on communism, Fidel Castro as well as his radical ideology. There are enough scandals involving Democrats and President Barack Obama to send back to Congress another one with the baggage of Joe Garcia.

If Joe Garcia really likes communism, perhaps he needs to move to Cuba and Venezuela and then live in “paradise.”