October 26, 2021

Let’s get this right: The scandal is not about Gruber

Let’s get this right: The scandal is not about Gruber He’s just the unwitting truth-teller.

I’m noticing as this whole Jonathan Gruber business unfolds that Republicans are showing a troubling instinct, and if they’re not careful they’re going to mis-navigate this thing in a such a way that they just might let congressional Democrats and the Obama Administration off the hook.

It’s pretty simple: The imperative here is not to “investigate Jonathan Gruber,” as if Gruber personally committed some atrocity that victimized the American people. Gruber was merely in the room when the White House and congressional Democrats expressed their willingness to pull the wool over the eyes of the public to get this monstrosity passed. And of course, Gruber is the guy who couldn’t keep his mouth shut about it numerous times when speaking to friendly audiences over the course of the last several years – apparently not giving much consideration to the fact that cameras might be rolling.

The last thing the GOP Congress should do now is go after or “investigate” Gruber. Gruber is gold. I don’t suppose he’s going to keep talking at this point, but he hardly needs to, since we already have a video library with enough damning information to make everyone in America now recognize what a complete scam ObamaCare is and has always been.

But what about Gruber’s ties to the administration? Don’t we need to investigate that? What with Democrats trying to deny they ever knew him?

Why? We already have the records of how much he’s been paid, so what’s to investigate? The public doesn’t believe Obama and Pelosi when they pretend they’ve never heard of the guy. Let it lie.

What Gruber has done here is openly acknowledge the way liberals think about the country – that they’re our betters and they have to deceive us to pass the legislation that will allow them to control what we do, which is for our own good, but we’re too stupid to appreciate that.

They lied about people keeping their plans. They lied about the taxes. They lied about cost control. They lied about the stupid thing reducing the deficit. And of course, there’s a whole bunch of it that they’re changing on the fly – like the employer mandate and arbitrary extensions for plans that don’t “meet the standard.”

That’s the real scandal. Jonathan Gruber didn’t actually do anything wrong in the sense that he broke a rule, violated a law or even told a lie. He should not be the target here. The only thing he’s guilty of is being a liberal and harboring the usual condescending contempt liberals feel for the intelligence of the American people. And he did us all a big favor by opening his mouth and being honest about it, whether he meant to or not.

Work on the right problem. Don’t investigate Jonathan Gruber. He’s the one who’s giving us a fresh opportunity to do what we really need to do, which is: Kill ObamaCare.