October 27, 2021

Obama: Full speed ahead on illegal alien amnesty despite election day fiasco

Rep. Gutierrez appears to care more about the rights of illegal aliens -- even criminal aliens -- than he does about the rights of American citizens.
Rep. Gutierrez appears to care more about the rights of illegal aliens — even criminal aliens — than he does about the rights of American citizens.
Gutierrez for Congress website

Following the Republican triumphs on election day, which will radically change the composition of both the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives, many believed President Barack Obama would understand the “error of his ways,” according to a number of political and law enforcement analysts. Unfortunately they claim that Obama appears oblivious to the facts. During his press conference on Wednesday, not even 24-hours after his party’s defeat, he said that if Congress doesn’t pass what he considers immigration reform he will begin his own version of reform by taking the first step towards amnesty: ordering a reduction in deportations of working immigrants living in the country illegally.

He made his statement following the soon-to-be-Majority Leader Mitch McConnell warning to the President that immigration reform should not be “passed” unilaterally. “It’s like waving a red flag in front of a bull to say if you guys don’t do what I want I’m going to do it on my own,” McConnell said at a news conference in Kentucky after he was reelected Senator.

“Some law enforcement officials believe that Obama finds himself in a position in which his party may abandon him, especially the so-called Hispanic voting block who have always been reliable as cannon fodder for the Democrats to exercise their race-baiting and class warfare strategy,” said former deputy chief of police, now a director of security and safety, Karian Thomas Gordon.

Gordon points to the friction between Obama and a Latino congressman who cares more about illegal aliens

than he does about the country in which he serves as a lawmaker. Polls show resounding rejection of President Obama’s plans for massive executive amnesty, but Rep. Luis Gutierrez in an angry speech said that Obama’s first act should be to give amnesty to eight million illegal immigrants.

“The president of the United States should act swiftly and use the powers he already has under existing law to address immigration and deportation — as soon as possible,” Gutierrez wrote in a Wednesday op-ed in the Guardian. “With the midterms behind us, taking action is the first step in restoring orderliness and lawfulness to our immigration system. And if it spurs the reincarnated do-nothing Congress to take action, all the better. Do as much good as you can do, Mr President, to save American families.”

The bombastic Gutierrez, who has called Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents “the Gestapo” and routinely criticizes the U.S. Border Patrol, according to the Examiner, that passing amnesty legislation will make it difficult for employers to “exploit and undercut U.S.-born workers” once amnesty is the law of the land. But experts and studies, claim that studies conclude massive amnesty legislation and the granting of work permits to illegal aliens would actually lower the wages of American workers.

During an interview on MSNBC following the GOP victory on Tuesday, Gutierrez claimed, “If we are going to allow the Republicans’ threat of impeachment from stopping fairness and justice for our community, then you know what? Why don’t we all become Republicans then?” He said Democrats “have to stand for our values and our principles.”

“The bottomline is that illegal aliens are committing a crime just by being in the United States. Telling us that they deserve a better life is irrelevant. All Americans deserve a better life, but we don’t let them go into banks with guns to make withdrawals from other people’s bank accounts,” said political consultant Michael Baker. “That bottomline includes that fact that President Obama and Rep. Gutierrez appear to be more interested in the welfare and success of lawbreakers than they are about the welfare and success of citizens, including those who immigrated to the U.S. legally,” he added.